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Apr 3, 2007 05:48 PM

Romanian Restaurants in the Big City?


Does anyone know of any restaurants in Toronto that serve Romanian cuisine? (A sit down place as opposed to a store).



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  1. There is one restaurant called Moldova, it's a russian restaurant, but also serves romanian cuisine: tripe soup, "mici" (a type of grilled sausage made from pork and lamb meat), cabbage rolls. Address: 5000 Dufferin St, Unit A1/A2, North York. Tel: 416.665.4566. I've been there...very good food. You should call before you go there, cause sometimes they have parties in there, and they close the restaurant.

    There is one more restaurant called Transilvania Restaurant, on 2579 Yonge St (North of Eglinton, East side of Yonge). Tel: 416.932.9915. Never been here though.

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      Transylvania closed 3 years ago.

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