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Apr 3, 2007 05:33 PM

Is it true that Mastro's will give you free 2nd steak if you ask for it??

my friends have told me that if you finish your steak and ask for a 2nd one, they will give it to you free of charge. One of these things where it's not advertised but part of their service. I have yet to try this but before I make a fool out of myself, can someone verify whether this is true or not?

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  1. I have a feeling your "friends" are pulling your leg. If you are really curious just call Mastro's and ask.

    1. We once, a party of four, had just about finished our steaks when the server's hand slipped and the wine bottle fell onto my glass, shattering it. Within seconds our table was surrounded, completely cleaned, and fresh steaks and martinis were brought to the table. so that's how you get a 2nd steak free! (And get drunk...those martinis are killers)

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        LOL, now that was a great recovery on their part..

      2. Did they happen to tell you this on the first of the month?