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Apr 3, 2007 05:24 PM

Filipino restaurants that serve Ukoy inside SF

I'm lookin for Filipino restaurants that serve Ukoy (deep fried shrimp patties) inside SF only. I guess it's the only filipino food i am craving at the moment.

I guess any recommendations to really good filipino restaurants inside SF would be great too.

Edgar :)

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  1. There are very few Filipino places of any sort in the city proper, is my impression. I have heard of (recently) House of Lumpia and Kusina Ni Tess which are somewhere Union Square/Downtown. I get the impression that they are mostly closed by early evening.

    1. If we had a WayBack Machine, I'd take you back to 2005 - that's the last time I had Ukoy at Kababayan — There was a very good selection of steam table fast food items for take-out. No printed menu but the items are posted on the wall.
      2706 Mission Street near 23rd Street. 8am to 7pm Mondays - Saturdays.
      Does anyone know if it's still there?

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      1. re: Cynsa

        There are a few challenges here.

        1. Finding Filipino food in SF
        2. Finding good Filipino food in SF
        3. Finding Ukoy.

        Looking at my East Bay menus ... which has some good pockets of Filipino food ... I don't see ukoy on any menus. The best you can do is call some of these places and ask if they make them.

        Most, if not all, SF Filipino is steam table stuff.

        House of Lumpia

        Doesn't have ukoy according to the menu. However I've heard more negative than positive about HOL.

        Kusina Ni Tess
        237 Ellis Street
        San Francisco, CA 94102
        (415) 351-1169

        Haven't been. Supposed to be good for steam table food. Family run so maybe you can ask if they will make it for you. AKA Tess Filipino Restaurant.

        Goldilocks Bake Shop
        4516 Mission Street
        San Francisco, CA 94112
        (415) 333-6963

        Yeah, its a chain, but sadly one of the better Filipino offerings in SF itself. Doesn't seem to carry ukoy.

        Super Star Restaurant
        4919 Mission Street
        San Francisco, CA 94112
        (415) 585-4360

        Known for their cheap Filipino breakfast ... but I think that's the only thing Filipino on the otherwise Chinese restaurant.

        1201 Howard Street
        San Francisco, CA 94103
        (415) 431-0362

        Mainly a liquor store with some Filipino groceries and a few hot items. Not likely given the nabe. One of the last holdouts when that area of SF had more of a Filipino population ... Carmen's is another. Actually there's still a Filipino community center on sixth and might explain the Filipino family that lived downstairs when I lived in SOMA. However, like so many Filipinos they moved to Daly City as soon as they were able.

        Carmen's Restaurant
        Pier 40
        San Francisco, CA 94107
        (415) 495-5140

        Moved to the current location on the Embacadero near Townsend a few years back. When I ate there I didn't know anything about Filipino food. There was one recent rave on Chowhound, but it gets more mixed reviews. It is probably the kind of place where you could ask if they would make it for you.

        Buena Suerte Cafe
        4995 Mission St
        San Francisco, CA 94112
        (415) 841-0467

        Kind of new. On my list to check out if I'm in that nabe. Another steam table/cheap breakfast joint.

        Manila Oriental Market
        4175 Mission Street
        San Francisco, CA 94112

        Anyone know if they have a deli? Or is this just a mainly Filipino market?

        Freemont Bar & Restaurant
        326 First Street
        San Francisco, CA 94105

        Uhhh ... Filipino dive kareoke bar with food. No seriously ... karajoke sung in tagalog. Are they still there? When I lived in the area the best I could do was poke my head inside and beat a quick retreat.

        2706 Mission
        San Francisco, CA 94110
        (415) 920-9635

        Uhhh ... don't know much about it. I was hoping it was the place on Mission that I like. Doesn't seem so.

        Hilda's Mart & Bake Shop
        145 Persia Avenue
        San Francisco, CA 94112
        (415) 333-3122

        Supposed to have good hopia. Not sure if they sell hot food. High on my list to check out Filipino-wise in SF.

        Irma's Pampanga Restaurant
        2901 16th Street
        San Francisco, CA 94103
        (415) 626-6688

        Yeah ... the combination of greasy food with the fact that my car was vandalized in the brief time I was inside doesn't leave me with warm fuzzy memories about Irma's. Even in the unlikeliness that they have ukoy, it would probably not be so great.

        Baby's Eatery and Palabok
        San Francisco, CA 94101
        (415) 585-0990

        All I know is it is cheap. Don't know how good it is or what they serve.

        Mango Bay
        53 3rd Street
        San Francisco, CA 94103
        (415) 369-9888

        Still there? Those food court places come and go quickly.

        New Filipinas Restaurant
        953 Mission Street
        San Francisco, CA 94103
        (415) 896-2475

        I haven't heard good things about them and have no desire to check it out. Maybe someone who has been here can comment.

        CDC Trading
        1201 Geneva Avenue
        San Francisco, CA 94112
        (415) 587-0660

        Uhhh ... just a market as far as I know. However, sometimes if you catch them at the right time these joints have some hot food. However, unlikely to have ukoy, I would guess.


        Nice little family run place with better than most Filipino food in the city. Excellent babinka. This place was the first that made me think there was promise in Filipino food. Ok, it is technically Daly City ... but on the border up near Albertsons ... is Albertson's still there? Actually you might call and see if Clair's is still there. It's been a few years.

        However, as you might see from the above, your best bet for Filipino food ain't in SF. The place I liked best was actually on the border. The rule is sort of that the further from SF, the better the Filipino food with areas near Hercules (East Bay) and Daly City being the best bet.

        Otherwise it is limited to a few hot deli items in markets, average at best steam table joints and bakeries ... ok ... there's never been a bakery I didn't like ... any nationality ... the one big thing I learned about myself on Chowhound ... wow, I eat a lot of baked goods.

        I'm thinking though I want to try the Filipino food at 7 Mile House near Cow Palace. I hear the food is good, but it is more standars with nothing like ukoy.

        Hope you will report back when and if you try some of the Filipino food in SF.

        1. re: rworange

          The first time I had Ukoy was at the Goldilocks on Mission st. This was a couple years ago. The fod there is pretty greasy though.

          There is a grocery store by the 16th st Bart (next to the burger king) that used to get prepared foods and some mornings they would have ukoy available at the front corner, but I haven't been in there for a while. I have a feeling that they were getting it from someone in the neighborhood.

          I think I've also had it at Kababayan. I've only had filipino food a handful of times and always from steam table type places. I would have to say that this place is much better than Goldilocks.

          1. re: oranj

            Great. I means that it is possible some markets have ukoy. Now I'm curious about it. I'm going to have to look for it in the East Bay Filipino places near me.

            1. re: rworange

              Hats off, rworange! I hadn't a clue those places existed.

          2. wow... hmmm i'm filipino and i don't eat at any filipino restaurants... when my family and i don't make our own ukoy, we usually buy it from someone who makes it for us.. i'm sure if you have filipino friends, they can recommend individuals who make really good ukoy.. and the ones that we order are really very good and come with the sauce.. i'm sure it'll be quite the hunt.. my problem with filipino restaurants is that i find them to have too much oil... i would think that folks in daly city would have some idea... in the east bay, you can get a quick ukoy fix from good ha or jojoli over in union city.. it's not as oily there... and if ur familiar with lechon kawali, they have that at good ha... it actually is pretty good for being a quick order place.... considering i don't normally eat at filipino restaurants...

            1. Try Philippine Delicacies:

              5609 Mission Street
              San Francisco, CA 94112
              (415) 239-8554

              1. The original comment has been removed