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Apr 3, 2007 05:05 PM

what happened to coco la ti da??

all the hype & then closed .... anyone know???

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    1. According to the latest gossip I've heard, the wholesale part was what brought the "business side" of things down. Coco la ti da, itself, was doing very well.
      It is a lovely space. I'm quite interested in whatever goes in next-- so if anyone has the scoop, please share it.
      I know it's been teeming with potential leasers... The location is fabulous. Although it comes with some baggage.
      I hope a terrific restaurant similar to Fork comes in.

      Here is that link directly:

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      1. re: sophie.

        Hmm, then why not just jettison the wholesale operation? It was rented kitchen space anyway, surely she could have run the restaurant out of its own kitchen and maybe done a little bit of wholesale, instead of the extra space on Queen Anne with staff of six. I was really amazed that she started out so ambitious. Don't believe he hype, especially if it's about yourself!

        1. re: babette feasts

          Definitely sounds like an excuse. The food didn't equal the hype. Great PR but so so food. You can fool some of the people some of the time....

          1. re: landguy

            I agree. I heard it was doing really well. But I just went there once. I liked it fine, but it wasn't my type of place. Too cutesy. Even the food was cutesy. The little skewers with the little dips. I wouldn't say 'so-so', but it wasn't anything I was excited to come back for. Then again, that might have just been the pastel sweetheart bachelorette party mood that it evoked.

        2. re: sophie.

          "The location is fabulous". If this were the case then why have there been SO many openings & closings of restaurants located in this 'fabulous' spot in the past decade or more?

          1. re: staffstuff

            To be fair Bacchus was in that space for a very very long time(at least 10 years probably more). After it closed Fork opened up and although it was only around very briefly, it closed not due to the restaurant failure but because of the ill health of the owner. Then Coco la ti da.
            I really can’t think of this as a space that there have been “SO many openings & closings of restaurants”. It is certainly not one of those cursed restaurant locations, like the former site of Red Line Pizza.