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good recommendations for the long beach grand prix weekend

shastashark Apr 3, 2007 04:39 PM

I'll be in long beach for the grand prix weekend. can you recommend any good restaurants either by the race area or somewhere else in the long beach area (maybe by the water). it can be a steak house or a hole in the wall little mexican place... just anywhere that there is good food and good ambiance. thanks!

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    wilp RE: shastashark Apr 3, 2007 05:14 PM

    There are lots of long beach reccs here on a search. Just know that Pine Ave, Shoreline Village and the Pike will be a waste, totally packed. - my luck for LBGP weekend has been:

    Breakfast - Potholder Cafe on Broadway, Schooner or Later at the Marina (will be crowded). Coffee Cup on 7th.

    Lunch - Limricks on 2nd in Naples, Belmont Brewing Co. on 2nd. LG's on Broadway, Curly's on Cherry, 49'r on 7th or Thirsty Isle for burgers and beer. Long Beach Thai on Anaheim. Roscoes on Broadway.

    Dinner - Cafe Gazelle on 2nd, Christies on Broadway, Enriques on PCH and Loynes (dont miss if you like good Mexican -). I went last year to 555 and it was actually pretty tame. High end Naples should be OK. Kelly's (steaks) Fora, Nico are all good. Chens Chinese on Broadway.

    2nd st (Belmont Shore) is usually pretty crazy on LBGP weekend. You may want to just walk down 2nd street and see what looks good. There is lots of info here on the Belmont Shore best reccs.

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      bohemiana RE: wilp Apr 3, 2007 07:57 PM

      The Coffee Cup Cafe is on 4th and the Potholder is much better.

      I like Margarita Grill on Atlantic one block up from Ocean Blvd.. It's attached to the Travel Lodge. (It's not associated with the motel but it looks like it is.) I really like their spinach enchiladas.

      I'll second Belmont Brewing Company!

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        shastashark RE: bohemiana Apr 9, 2007 08:02 AM

        thanks for all the recommendations.

        if there are any others... please let me know... thanks!

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      mlgb RE: shastashark Apr 9, 2007 10:03 AM

      You could also head just a bit south to Seal Beach, Koi (sushi), Walt's Wharf (seafood) and the chow board is recently recommending Beechwood BBQ (haven't been there myself).

      Another southern/BBQ place that I like in Belmont Shore is Lucille's, but as said it will be pretty hard to get in. Enriques also gets crazy crowded.

      For Baja style fish tacos and mole, just a bit further up Pacific Coast Hwy from Enrique's is Hole Mole, which basically has all the ambiance of a McD's.

      Benley is a great little quasi-Vietnamese restaurant in a shopping center in east Long Beach, (562) 596-8130, 8191 E Wardlow Rd. Especially recommended are the shaken beef and pannacotta dessert.

      Frenchy's Bistro is a top-rated splurge restaurant on a fairly ugly stretch of Anaheim:


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      1. re: mlgb
        CynD RE: mlgb Apr 9, 2007 10:07 AM

        I'm one of the Beachwood BBQ fans, and can recommend it very highly. I stopped by for dinner last week, and had a delicious, generous portion of bbq brisket, collard greens, and absolutely perfect sweet potato fries. I have yet to find something on that menu I don't like!

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          bohemiana RE: mlgb Apr 10, 2007 05:58 PM

          For ribs, I've posted before that my favorite is Beachwood, but if you don't want to leave Long Beach my next favorite for ribs is Steak-o-Rama on Second Street in Belmont Shore. They have extremely meaty baby-back ribs and huge portions. I prefer the dry rub at Beachwood but my husband prefers the wet ribs at Steak-o-Rama (no corkage). I have been to Lucille's once and the ribs were dry with hardly any meat.

          I will also second Benley for an sort of upscale meal but it's very far from the action downtown L.B.

          1. re: bohemiana
            shastashark RE: bohemiana Apr 12, 2007 08:50 AM

            thanks for all the recommendations!

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