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flemings steak house or roy's hawaiian restaurant

I received a 100 dollar gift certificate for either flemings steak house or roy's. my question is... which one is the better bang for my buck? I know they both have great food... but if I had to pick one... which one? and why... and what should I order. thanks!

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  1. haven't been to roy's in years, but if you're a seafood fan, the pepper crusted tuna steak at fleming's is to die for. even though i don't eat meat, i go to fleming's regularly just for that one dish! they also have a great, extensive wine list...and the onion rings are awesome.

    1. If you like fish, I would opt for Roy's as I think they do a great job with fish. I have not eaten at either of the Roy's in LA, but have eaten at the ones in Diamondhead, Baltimore and Scotsdale. They have all been good. Fresh seafood with interesting preparations and perfectly cooked. Of course, Roy's has other offerings besides fish, but I have always thought the fish was their strong suit. I like Flemings, but for steak at its price range, it is not my favorite.

      1. If seafood and creativity are a priority, choose Roy's.
        If you're hankering for Prime beef, well, Fleming's.

        Though Roy's does serve plenty of red meat-- and good stuff as well. Just don't expect 5 kinds of potatoes as side choices.

        Price-wise, I think they're almost even... but I'll give a slight edge to Roy's as they have (probably) more a greater range of lighter (therefore less pricey) options. But I wouldn't say there's a bang for the buck winner between he two.

        I'd be happy with a simple steak and good red wine at Fleming's. I'd kill for the ribs, rack of lamb or scallops at Roy's.

        Roy's is a little less of a see and be seen scene.

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          I've never been to Fleming's. I really like a good steak and sides; but I can make a damned fine steak for myself at home on the grill (and I'm pretty adept at the sides, too), whereas I probably wouldn't even attempt to prepare anything on Roy's menu. I've been to several Roy's restaurants, and have had a fine experience each and every time.

          I recently dined at the one in downtown L.A., and had an excellent meal as always. I was also impressed with their wine list, even though I order cocktails when I go there. Professional and accommodating service is the norm as well.

          So, I'd pick Roy's, and do the steak thing at home.

        2. Both are good choices and it really depends on the type of food you crave. If you like wine, I would have to lean toward's Fleming's extensive wine by the glass choices (around 100). Enjoy!

          1. Roy's also has the $35 3 course prix fix meal, which is quite the deal & leave $$ over for wine!

            1. I've eaten at Roy's many times. My problem with it is portion size compared to price. I'd also say that the one's on Hawaii are much better than the Newport Beach location. Flemings is a terrific steak house, the steaks are among the best I've ever had. The sides are all excellent, the only thing lacking is their desserts but I'd say Flemings wins this one when it comes to bang for your buck. Roy's is good, but somehow never feels like a home run (unless your in one of the Hawaii locations).

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                I don't have a problem with the portions sizes at Roy's. It's true that they're not the gargantuan portions that fat Americans are used to; they're more in line with the proper portion sizes served elsewhere in the world.

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                  Couldn't agree more with you. I also never feel hungry or too full afterwards. I so much rather pay more for less food that is of the utmost quality than less for food that is just mediocre at best.

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                    Yeah yeah, we Americans are gluttons, we watch TV too much and the entire rest of the world is SOOOO much more evolved than us, blah blah blah..... except that at Roys Newport the food ISN'T of the utmost quality, it's a B minus. Combine the small portion sizes with the disproportionately high cost and I always walk away feeling unsatisfied.

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                      Maybe you can try the one in downtown LA. It's excellent. And the portions are right, and sometimes a little large--I've had to take some of my fish home once bc I couldn't finish it (after apps). Eat until you're full, not stuffed. I am sick and tired of gargantuan american portions.

                2. Wow, nice problem to have. I love both, been to both several times. If your in the mood for more creative out there dishes and lean more towards seafood, do Roy's. If your in the mood for a great meat dish (mmmmm bone in rib eye to be exact) do Flemings. We recently did Flemings in Fla. and mine was a mixed grill (filet, lamb and scallops) OMG but hubbys was still better with the bone-in rib eye. But I'm a seafood lover so Roy's would pull me too.

                  1. Oh my gosh. I would take that gift certificate and use it to go to Roy's two or three times and just order the misoyaki butterfish.

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                      yes i second that!!! love the butterfish. yum.

                    2. I don't know Flemings, but my problem with Roy's is that in my experience consistency of food and service both has varied considerably between branches: at some outposts of Roy's I've had wonderful meals, at others I have been very disappointed.

                      I will say, since several folks are mentioning the one in downtown LA: it was not among my favorites. Service was slow (although friendly, once we were seated), and most of the food was sort of eh, particularly (and contrary to my experience at other Roy's) the appetizers. Admittedly, I was with my daugher and SIL and SIL really wanted sushi, and I am not sure sushi is their strong point.

                      The evening also started on a off note: they were late seating us (we had a reservation), and directed us to the bar. Well, first of all, there were no seats in the bar, nor really anywhere to stand.(it was slammed, on a Sunday night. I imagine it is often slammed). Eventually we got seats, and ordered drinks, but none of us were drinking, and once the bartender realized we were taking up three seats and ordering a club soda, a virgin daquiri, and a juice, he made a face and proceeded to ignore us: no second order of drinks taken, even though we finished round one, till we finally got our table.

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                        thanks for ALL the suggestions. since I make a pretty mean steak at home... it looks like I'm leaning to roys :o)

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                            Here's Roy's special tasting menu for next week: www.chowhound.com/topics/385471

                            you can have surf & turf ala Roy's!

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                            I don't think Roy's is the place to get sushi, at least not the downtown LA one. I didn't really care for it there, either. But other than that, I love that place. I've been there a couple of times so far and each time service has been impeccable. They do cooked fish so very well.

                            1. re: slacker

                              oddly enough, they had really good sushi at the one out in North Phoenix...but basically I agree that sushi clearly wouldn't be the way to go.

                              Glad service has been good for you. waiting wouldn't have been so bad if they had given us a place to wait and took non-alcoholic drink orders without a snear. or even if they had just given us a place to wait:. it *is* a pet peave of mine to make a reservation, arrive on time, be told I have to wait, and then not be offered a comfortable to chair to sit in while I wait!

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                                We've had pretty good sushi at the one in Chandler, AZ as well. Wouldn't go there just to have sushi but when we've been we've ordered a sushi or sashimi starter and been pleased.

                                We've found this particular location can be inconsistent. We've had really good and really mediocre at best experiences. The one thing that has been consistently good is the butterfish mentioned above and now when we do find ourselves there we always order that. Can't say I've found the portions to be a problem...rarely finish everything and can't say we're necessarily small eaters. Service has also been spotty in our experience - again ranging from top notch to barely mediocre. Don't know if the inconsistency is a reflection of this particular locations management(we've had good experiences at the original location and the one in Seattle) or a reflection of how much the franchise has come to grow....