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Apr 3, 2007 04:30 PM

flemings steak house or roy's hawaiian restaurant

I received a 100 dollar gift certificate for either flemings steak house or roy's. my question is... which one is the better bang for my buck? I know they both have great food... but if I had to pick one... which one? and why... and what should I order. thanks!

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  1. haven't been to roy's in years, but if you're a seafood fan, the pepper crusted tuna steak at fleming's is to die for. even though i don't eat meat, i go to fleming's regularly just for that one dish! they also have a great, extensive wine list...and the onion rings are awesome.

    1. If you like fish, I would opt for Roy's as I think they do a great job with fish. I have not eaten at either of the Roy's in LA, but have eaten at the ones in Diamondhead, Baltimore and Scotsdale. They have all been good. Fresh seafood with interesting preparations and perfectly cooked. Of course, Roy's has other offerings besides fish, but I have always thought the fish was their strong suit. I like Flemings, but for steak at its price range, it is not my favorite.

      1. If seafood and creativity are a priority, choose Roy's.
        If you're hankering for Prime beef, well, Fleming's.

        Though Roy's does serve plenty of red meat-- and good stuff as well. Just don't expect 5 kinds of potatoes as side choices.

        Price-wise, I think they're almost even... but I'll give a slight edge to Roy's as they have (probably) more a greater range of lighter (therefore less pricey) options. But I wouldn't say there's a bang for the buck winner between he two.

        I'd be happy with a simple steak and good red wine at Fleming's. I'd kill for the ribs, rack of lamb or scallops at Roy's.

        Roy's is a little less of a see and be seen scene.

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          I've never been to Fleming's. I really like a good steak and sides; but I can make a damned fine steak for myself at home on the grill (and I'm pretty adept at the sides, too), whereas I probably wouldn't even attempt to prepare anything on Roy's menu. I've been to several Roy's restaurants, and have had a fine experience each and every time.

          I recently dined at the one in downtown L.A., and had an excellent meal as always. I was also impressed with their wine list, even though I order cocktails when I go there. Professional and accommodating service is the norm as well.

          So, I'd pick Roy's, and do the steak thing at home.

        2. Both are good choices and it really depends on the type of food you crave. If you like wine, I would have to lean toward's Fleming's extensive wine by the glass choices (around 100). Enjoy!

          1. Roy's also has the $35 3 course prix fix meal, which is quite the deal & leave $$ over for wine!