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Cornflake Chicken-How to keep the damn things on

I want to make cornflake chicken tonight. When I have made it before I couldn't get the cornflakes to stay on my bone-in chicken. I have seen recipes that call for dipping the chicken in flour and then egg wash, edgg whites, or even milk. I've also seen melted butter. One called for mayonnaise (ewwwchhh). What do you all think is the best way? Help me.

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  1. I use mayo. And it isn't gross at all. The mayo melts away as the chicken cooks, leaving it moist and adhering the cornflake crumbs pretty well.
    Although, if you can't stand mayo, I guess it wouldn't work.

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      Just stop thinking of the mayo as mayo - it's not that cold gloppy sauce you despise, it's just a clever way to get egg, oil and vinegar together so your cornflakes will stick to your chicken. If it tears you up that badly get a tiny little bottle for use in such applications as this only, and wear rubber gloves. Or something.

      BTW, the mayo/cornflakes thing works for fish even better than for chicken.

      1. re: Will Owen

        And pork chops. I use it on those more than chicken.

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          I don't hate mayo at all, and I understand its uses in cooking. It sounds wierd but a great peanut butter bannana isn't as good without mayo to make the sauce creamy, but I hesitated to use it on the cornflake chicken because
          a) I love honey walnut shrimp at chinese restaurants when done right, but in a lot of the dishes you can taste the mayo and its gross, and I was afraid of it turning out like that and
          b) I consider cornflake chicken a some-what healthy alternative to fried chicken, and mayo seemed to nullify the effect. Trying to watch my chelesterol a little bit.

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          Mayo is always Mayo.. gloppy gross and for people who hate it.. there is no way we will be using it.

          For a mayo free alternative.. try buttermilk! flour then butter milk them the cornflake mix, with just a little more flour in it!

        3. I have used mayo, too, and QueenB is right, the mayo "flavor" does not stick around but the cornflakes will! I have also used melted butter, which works, too. If you dip the chicken in melted butter when the chicken is slightly cold, it will chill/harden the butter on the surface of the chicken, and then you can press the cornflakes into the butter w/out them sliding off.

          1. I use low fat sour cream or plain yogurt - coat the chicken with it, then roll in the cornflakes crumbs, then drizzle some melted butter on the chicken, then bake.

            1. I have always used a egg wash, or fork beaten egg whites.

              1. Thanks everyone, I tried my eggwash one more time (buttermilk sounded awesome, but I didn't want to run to the store again, I'll try it next time) but made sure I crushed the cornflakes to a pure crumb state. Worked very well.

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                  Have you tried useing brushed on shortening.?

                2. For chicken i use buttermilk or yogurt....let the chicken set in the bowl with either one for at least and hour or 2, makes the chicken very tender and removes any left over residue from the butchering process. Then toss in your crumb / flake mixture and bake..make sure you use some parchment on your cooking tray so you can flip them easily.

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                    I was about to suggest buttermilk as well. That lovely acidity of buttermilk tenderizes the chicken and makes it extra juicy. And that great gloppy texture is great for sticking flour to a chicken when I make skillet fried chicken. Yogurt works as well, but buttermilk coats much better. MUCH healthier than mayo, and for my money a better taste as well.

                  2. If you don't like the taste of mayo, add a little dijon mustard to it, that make it adhere and taste a little better as well. If you REALLY like mustard, use all dijon (I would not).

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                      One of my favorite ways to coat/cook chops and chicken is to beat equal parts of Dijon mustard and olive oil together (sometimes with a good dash of Tabasco) and brush that onto the pieces of whatever, then roll them in panko crumbs, then let'em sit for a while before baking. I guess you could use cornflakes instead.

                    2. Buttermilk... soak them for at least an hour in buttermilk, and not only will the cornflakes stick, the chicken stays extra juicy

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                        Great minds think alike, we must have been typing at the same time.

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                          Just had a thought on the buttermilk...to make it more goey i was thinking maybe try straining thru some cheesecloth and get that lovely glop for the chicken to sit in...that would make it taste um um good...a plan for a day when nothing cooking.

                        2. The trick is to let the coated chicken pieces rest sitting on a rack uncovered for at least an hour. This gives the cornflake crust time to set up before you fry it. Egg wash works great.

                          1. I use cornflake crumbs mixed with either a little matzah meal or flour seasoned with onion and garlic powders.. One way is I dip in cornflakes then french dressing mixed with a little water and then back in cornflakes. Bake on cookie sheet in oven.

                            Or I do boneless chicken or sliced turkey breast dipped same way but use seasoned eggs. Some people dip in flour first, but I like to dip twice in the cornflakes. With the boneless I sometimes pan fry with a little bit of onions

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                              They will also stay on better if you don't flip them alot...just once.Buttermilk is what I use too.

                            2. I always soak any meat in a little bit of water with the spices, and never had a problem w/it staying on, even did it with the pork rinds, it was really good.

                              1. I put my chicken into buttermilk before i put them into the cornflake mixture. I also sprinkle the leftover cornflake mixture onto the chicken before I put it into the oven.