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Apr 3, 2007 04:05 PM

Need a Chinese food fix - dim sum, bread, noodles

I might be driving up to Toronto to visit for the weekend, and I need a dim sum fix. I want good, authentic, and affordable. Ambiance doesn't have to be terribly nice - I'm used to hole-in-the-wall dim sum places. I know that there are a lot of dim sum threads on this board, but it's hard for me to search through them when I don't know the area very well, and when there's not a search by date feature yet. I'll be staying near Kensington Market, and we'll also have a car, so we can drive somewhere if necessary (but we'd rather stay in the Kensington Market/downtown/Chinatown area if posible). So any pointers on sit-down and also take-out dim sum places would be much appreciated.

Also looking for recommendations for a good Chinese bakery. I LOVE egg tarts and the cocktail buns (with coconut inside).

Last, noodle soup. I want really good Hong Kong style noodle soup where the egg noodles are perfectly al dente, and won tons bursting with shrimp. Thanks!

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  1. Right across from Kensington market is Rol San which is excellent for dim sum. If you are going on the weekend it gets very busy so try to go a bit early, perhaps 11:30 or so. After that there is a big line up and quite a wait!

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      Ask for the "VIP room" at Rol San if possible, I think the prices are a tad higher but it's nicer and not as hectic.

      I like Goldstone for wonton noodle soup, on Spadina south of Dundas.

    2. Forestview at 466/468 Dundas St W. More hole-in-the-wall than Rol San, but not unpleasantly imo - it's the classic Chinatown of my childhood kind of place. It's banquet-style with carts unlike Rol San, but more worn. Search "Forestview" on this board for more details.

      There are many bakeries next to and across the street from this restaurant that you might have some luck with in finding egg tarts and buns. I dropped in only once to one of the newer ones and enjoyed the two buns I got with unusual paste fillings. I have been meaning to look into the others and would love to know which ones are good. Kim Moon (at 438 Dundas W) was my mother's regular bakery when I was a small child, but I haven't been there in over a decade.

      1. Saigon Pearl is a quiet little spot that's actually on Kensington one block west of Spadina just north of Dundas. Zero ambience but good basic dim sum. And cheap, cheap, cheap. Or Mothers Dumplings on Huron (east-side) just north of Dundas in the basement, first street east of Spadina. Note that there are TWO dumpling spots in the same building. Mother's is the northern most of the two. Great house-made noodles, too.

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          Queen's Bakery on Dundas (somewhere between Ten Ren Tea Shop and Asia Legend Shanghainese Food) has egg tarts and Cantonese style buns. They also have nice cakes too, not too sweet.

        2. YUM! THanks for all the recommendations everyone. I can't wait...