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Apr 3, 2007 03:55 PM

Korean Grocer in Westchester?

Hi all you fellow foodies,
Due to a craving for fresh Kimchi and spicy Udon, I'm hoping to find a Korean grocery store somewhere in either Westchester or Fairfield counties. Can any one point me in the right direction? Thanks in advance!

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  1. There is a small Korean grocery on the NE corner of Central Ave and Mt Joy Ave in Scarsdale.

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    1. re: pabboy

      Thanks so much Pabboy. I will check it out...

      1. re: pabboy

        I tried going here but wouldn't recommend it. It's very sloppily arranged and the goods appear dusty. There isn't much available in terms of banchan or other Korean stuff. It doesn't seem like the freshest, most well maintained place.

      2. There also a few pan-Asian markets in Westchester. Kam Sen in White Plains in the original White Plains Mall where Motor vehicles is and Golden Village on Central Ave in Hartsdale in the Fine Arts Cinema strip mall.

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          While I heartily endorse Kam Sen and to a lesser degree Golden Village for Chinese ingredients, I would definitely stay way from them for kimchi. Both stores sell the same brand of kimchi which I believe is made in Chicago. Pretty much all the Chinese stores around sell the same brand. There is also very little turnover on them.

          1. re: pabboy

            The kimchi I got at Kam Sen was mediocre. I got another brand at Golden Village called Goshen Kimchi made in Goshen NY that was actually quite tasty (although the jars were leaking and it was overpriced). I also like the brand I got at Daido called Arirang which was also pretty tasty and fresh.

            1. re: jeanki

              Having lived with Koreans and ate their cuisine I think I have a decent idea what good kimchi should be. The best kimchi I've ever had was made from home grown bakchoy, peppers and turnip. My friend's mom has an annual ritual early fall for making kimchi after harvesting and drying all the veggies. I got a jar of it every once in a while and would treat it like gold. Since my friend's mom isn't a convenient and reliable source for kimchi the next best options was down the street from my place when I lived in Flushing. There is a store on Leavitt St off Northern Blvd that only sells banchan. They make everything onsite. Their kimchi is best I've had in NYC. So every couple months I'd head to Flushing from some good Taiwanese comfort food then pickup a large jar fresh kimchi.

              BTW, don't be afraid of leaking jars. The fermentation process continues and creates excess gas. This pressurizes the jar so I always open it over the sink. I love how the flavor of kimchi changes throughout the fermentation. I usually start eating when the "raw" flavor is gone. Each stage change means I can use it to cook a different dish.

              1. re: pabboy

                Do you have the name of that store on Leavitt St?

                1. re: JMF

                  Sorry I have no idea what the name is. I don't think they even have a sign in English. The store is on east side of Leavitt St, 1/2 block north of Northern Blvd. Look for a steep driveway leading to small parking lot. (Towards the back of the lot you'll see rows of porcelain urns. That's where the kimchi is fermented.)

                  Like a lot of Korean establishments they cater specifically to Koreans. They always greet me in Korean but are pleasantly surprised when I tell them I'm not Korean. Having said that they are very friendly to all customers and take time to answer questions even if their English is limited.

                  1. re: pabboy

                    I forgot to mention there is another type of kimchi which isn't fermented. The best way to describe how it's made is they rub a red peppery sauce on bokchoy leaves and voila. I've had it at KumGangSang a few times. They make it to order in the giant Korean grocery at Flushing's Assi Plaza (end of 39th St off College Point Blvd)

                    1. re: pabboy

                      It seems that the place on Leavitt is no longer. It looked like there was a mural with cabbages and a mountain scene, but it was half painted over. It was being used as a parking lot at the moment. Or perhaps I didn't dig in deep enough?

                      Pabboy, when was the last time you visited this place? Was it called Mama Food Corp (that's what it says on an outdated Google Streetview photo, but most of the signs were no longer present). Is there a new location?

                      1. re: Joe MacBu

                        Joe, the place is gone. The last time I shopped there was over a year ago. I have no idea where they moved to. I think I'll post in the Outer Boroughs board.

                  2. re: pabboy

                    I'll have to check out that place in Flushing, yum. The best kimchi I ever had was in a restaurant in Rockville MD (long since closed unfortunately) that was totally addictive, and a little bit raw/not as fully pickled as most kimchis. I don't mind the leaking jars per se in terms of the natural process, just in terms of carrying home a jar that is leaking very pungent fluid all over my hands and car and other groceries.