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Apr 3, 2007 02:56 PM

Cupcake review...Dallas

Okay, so I finally made it to Sprinkles...I think that they are very good, though quite expensive...We love Magnolia's in NY, so to compare, the actual cake portion is really much better, and the frosting is good, not near as sweet as Magnolia's....$36/dozen....Good for special occasions....You can buy individual ones of course...Anyway, good variety..and yes, there was an actual line...just like Magnolia's!

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  1. I was completely under-whelmed. At $3.25 a pop, I want the thing to explode in my mouth with flovor and make me cry with delight. Tom Thumb cupcakes were every bit as tasty in my opinion. And a fraction of the cost. It's all marketing hype people!

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      I agree - they're overrated. Whole Foods also makes delicious and nicely decorated cupcakes. And plus, I'm conviced they're healthier because they come from Whole Foods.

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        I agree as well. We had 2 dozen of these things in eight different flavors at my birthday party and none were worth the $3.25 pricetag. I did enjoy the chai latte and can almost, almost justify that one since a cup of Starbucks chai latte is around that price. IMO, icing to cake ratio is too high.

    2. $36 for a dozen cupcakes? That's completely ridiculous. I'd rather add $15 and get a cake from La Duni that is completely fabulous. Heck, $35 gets you a half sheet cake from Central Market that is pretty darn good for just basic cake. Or spend $2.99 for half a dozen cupcakes.

      I think I'll stick to homeade - costs me about $3.25 for a whole dozen cupcakes and that's scratch, not mix.

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        While I agree that $3.25/cupcake may be crazy, they must be doing something right...I personally think that they are pretty delicious...I have been in the general area twice in the last few days, and as I glance over at the shop, there is literally a line AROUND the block!

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        1. Ok, so I finally gave in and stood in line for 20 minutes to get 4 cupcakes. So far, I've only had one: vanilla with milk chocolate frosting. It's a good cupcake. It's not a great cupcake. The cake portion had a slightly hard outer crust (which I like), while the inside was crumbly, not moist (which I don't like). The cake was pleasantly vanilla-ey (Madagascar Bourbon vanilla), but the 1/2 inch of frosting was just overwhelming. I don't plan to wait in line to have it ever again. And I doubt I'll shell out $3+ bucks for the privilege (unless I have a desperate cupcake craving. Which does happen).

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            Gee, I was thinking it needed MORE frosting....At the Magnolia's in NY, there is about twice that much frosting...of course, I could almost skip the cake entirely and just go for frosting....