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Apr 3, 2007 02:49 PM

Mercados and Street Food in DF

Hi Chowhounds - After spending many hours perusing this board, my husband and I have finally settled on dinner plans for our four evenings in Mexico City - Aguila y Sol, Tezca, Pujol, and Izote.

We hope to spend our mornings and afternoons eating the best street food and market food DF has to offer. I don’t see many postings for these places. Is it because street food eating is more haphazard in DF and you basically go wherever it’s crowded? We’re more than happy to do this, but given our limited time, it would be great if we had some general pointers on where to go. Are there particular street or street corners known for their vendors? How about particular market with great stands? We are open to going anywhere for good food. Thanks in advance!

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  1. The "Tianguis del Oro", on the corner of Insurgentes and Monterrey, is open, I think, Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, and is a not too large market where there's a whole row of food places, including oddities in Mexican street food stands, such as sushi (which I've not tried, so I can't guarantee it). However, two places stand out, the Mixote tacos, and an Uruguayan place called "Bariloche", which has great cheap steaks, Argentinian/Uruguayan style, at street food prices.

    Bariloche is also at another street market by the World Trade Center on weekends, and they have a restaurant, a little more expensive, but still cheap, by the Plaza Citlaltepetl roundabout on Avenida Amsterdam in Col. Hipodromo (Condesa).

    But in general, that market has a lot to offer, it's definitely worth checking out.

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      Mercado de Antojitos behind La Guadalupana in Coyoacan, and Tostadas Coyoacan in the Coyoacan main mercado. Both AMAZING.

      By the way you will not be disappointed with Aguila y Sol. Sadly we went on our first night and nothing (not even Pujol) measured up afterwards.

    2. In Xochimilco Market, Great hand made quesadillas of all types, great mole paste stand to take back , at the end .

      1. If it is not too late... you have to hit Mercado de la Merced.... its a ginormous, unique experience. I would recommend any crowded food stand dispatching Huazontle Fritters (although I don't remember when Huazontle is in season).

        1. Hello - great choices for dinner, but I agree you may be disappointed with the others after AyS. Tezca and Pujol are in Adriá/El Bulli tradition, and are a bit more Spanish than Mexican.

          One thing to remember - Mexico's big meal of the day is traditionally lunch. In nice restaurants in nice neighborhoods, you'll often find that dinner is just as popular. However, in the Zona Rosa and the Centro, which are heavy business districts, you'll find restaurants deserted or not open at night. In particular, Tezca is much better for lunch than for dinner - see my posting on it. Be ready for a completely empty room with little ambiance at night - not fun. (The other three restaurants you mentioned, because they are in Polanco, will have nice dinner crowds. AyS you should have reservations.)

          As far as vendors, you've got some good ideas here. There's on on Mérida south of Alvaro Obregon on Friday afternoons... there's a very popular taco/quesadilla stand there that throws french fries on top of the tacos, for true decadence.