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Apr 3, 2007 02:29 PM

One more night to book - suggestions?

NOLA Hounds,
I have one more night to book for dinner in NOLA at the end of April. Right now we're locked into dinner at Brigtsen's, Pelican Club, K-Paul's and Commander's Palace for Sunday brunch. Still need to fill in the dance card for Wednesday night.

I'm considering Dick & Jenny's, Upperline and Herbsaint. What do ya'll think?

Thanks your input!

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  1. You cannot miss with any of those three...or August.....but I would go with Dick and Jenny's (no reservations, but sit with a bottle of wine in their lounge area....there new menu is fantastic)

    1. I had dinner at Lilette this week and it was really good. Noisey when full, but a great menu and food.
      Cuvee if you want to spurge is killer along with Stella!