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Best Cornbeef Hash

I am looking to take my husband to breakfast/brunch for his birthday weekend and I wanted to find a place that did awesome cornbeef hash since that is his favorite thing. Any recommendations?? I have heard that S&W Country Diner in Culver City is good, as well as Jar's pot roast hash...anyone vouch for these or have other suggestions??


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    1. I just had great corned beef hash on Sunday at John O Groats on Pico between Bevrly Glen and Overland. I asked for it crispy and it really was. Fresh corned beef and not mushy. Always crowded, but if you call while you are on your way they will p;;ut your name on the list.

      1. The Century Plaza has a pretty darned good hash with poached eggs in room service, perhaps they even serve it in the restaurant... You might want to check it out.

        1. S & W is a great choice. They actually offer a choice of homemade or canned corned beef hash. Breakfasts come with a choice of sides -- they know how to cook eggs properly to order, their pancakes are good, and their hash browns are excellent if ordered crispy. Casual, expect a wait during prime breakfast hours, and cash only.

          1. I can vouch for Brent's Deli in Northridge. Their corned beef sandwiches are excellent, and you can tell the hash comes from the same meat because of the degree of sourness. Delicious.

            1. The coffee shop in the bowling alley at Vanowen and Winnetka (West SFV) has a tasty "chef's pride" CBH with a little green pepper and onions but no potato. Sorry I don't know the joint's name; I just call it the "Breakfast All Day" place. The proprietor family used to operate the Hungry Fox (Sherman Way near Fulton in No Hollywood).

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                Mike and Anne's in South Pasadena on Mission has good, homemade corned bee hash. They also have a cool red flannel hash (beets and sweet potatoes) that is unusual.


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                  "The coffee shop in the bowling alley at Vanowen and Winnetka "

                  Yikes, sounds kinda scary ! But I guess one never knows where the good chow might be!

                2. Not very fancy ... but great hash... Philippe's on Alameda ...here's the website:


                  1. Also, I know it's not corned beef, but the Red Turkey Hash at Kokomo in the Farmers Market is a winner.

                    1. John O'Groats in West LA serves up some of the best hash you'll have. Nice to have the 'real thing' instead of that canned stuff that could pass for dog food. By the way, if you're ever driving up to the Bay area on Highway 5, stop at Harris Ranch for breakfast and get some hash. If you go early enough, you can actually buy corned beef hash by the packet and stick it in the freezer. Friggin amazing! Oh, the other cool thing is it's right in the middle of nowhere and their bathrooms sure beat the side of the road or a rest stop.

                      1. Good corn beef hash? Eat Well in Silverlake or Glendale. Sooo good. Actually made with meat, not dog food.

                        1. The place is a bit of a dump, but Dukes on Sunset next to the Whisky has really good cornbeef hash. Also, the Pacific Dining Car has geat Roast Beef hash. Millies on sunset in silverlake is pretty good too for hash.