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Apr 3, 2007 12:59 PM

Husbands Birthday tomorrow: need restaurant quick

I need a good restaurant for my husbands birthday tomorrow night. I would like a tasting menu with wine parings. I cant decide if we should do COI, Aquarello, Fleur di Lys, Michael Minna, or 5th Floor.

I want really good food, a comfortable table/chairs...nothing too cramped...a modicum of privacy...and a nice atmosphere. I would like to keep the whole thing with wine pairing/tip at around $250-300 if possible. My husband likes italian and I was looking at Aquarello but didnt see a pasta dish on the tasting menu. Is this the case?

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  1. I believe Acquerello always has a pasta course (agnolotti are similar to ravioli). Can't beat the value of $110 including five wines with refills. Very nice atmosphere, great place for a birthday.

    1. I'd go for The Dining Room at the Ritz which meets all your requirements except Italian.

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        Might be stretching the budget--what's the wine pairing cost? The tasting menus without wine are $94 and $120.

        1. re: Robert Lauriston

          No...I dont want to do the is overkill. I would rather try that for an anniversary dinner. He really likes good italian.We really liked Venticello, but I want to try a new place.

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            I agree that Acquerello would be a great choice. Very pleasant room and service. Food was great, but menu was not traditional italian. My lamb was presented as a trio, nice sized de-boned rib chop, tiny sirloin slice, and a lovely piece of lamb pancetta.

              1. re: Lori SF

                I fourth it. I had a great birthday meal there last month. The wine pairings were excellent.

      2. For high end Italian, your options are Quince, Acquerello and Oliveto in Oakland. Oliveto doesn't technically offer a "tasting menu." Your decision will probably come down to where you can score a table at the last minute. (Good luck with that).

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          It's actually shockingly easy to get a same day reservation at Oliveto... I've done it on OpenTable, same day, on a weekend, two hours before an 8:30 dinnertime. Quince is a whole 'nother story.

        2. i really like first crush on cyril de magin... they have great wine "flights" check out their website =) actually, i reread your postign and well, i don't think they specialize in italian.. but they have great food =) oh and there's fringale, but that's french.... and the service is "european style," meaning, a bit slow... but i love it there too =)

          1. Acquerello's wine pairing were great when we went there a few months ago, and a bit of a bargin due to their open pour policy.