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Good takeout mac 'n' cheese?

I'm having a serious mac and cheese craving...any thoughts on where I can get some good mac n cheese "to go..?"
Silvertone has one of my favorites in town...but I'm hoping for something on the south side of town...ie. Dorchester, South Boston, South End, JP....but my mind is drawing a major blank. How's the mac n cheese at Bob the Chefs (Bob's Southern Bistro now, right?) Any other thoughts? I guess I could just make it myself....

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  1. Bob the Chef's has solid Mac n' Cheese, but I think they might only offer it as a side, not a full meal. I'm not sure, but you could always order a couple of sides of it.

    People rave about Garden of Eden's Mac n' Cheese, but I don't see what the big deal is (also, if you're going to get it from there, just stop in at Lionette's two doors over instead. It's a little Italian grocer owned by the same family, they sell the same Mac n' Cheese and I believe it's a couple bucks cheaper).

    Other than that, I'm drawing a blank....

    1. C F Donovans on Savin Hill makes a decent mac & cheese. It's similar to Silvertone's version.

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        Hmm I have the Donovan's takeout menu and there's no mac and cheese listed. Perhaps I'll give 'em a call. And yeah, Zon's IS good. But $13 for takeout mac and cheese is a little more than I'd like to spend. So....we'll see.

      2. If you want good macaroni and cheese south of Boston, definitely try Zon's in Jamaica Plain. It's one of the best in the Boston area, IMO.

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          Macaroni Simone at Fig's Restaurant is pretty delicious! Made with Orzo, 4 cheeses, and crisy bread crumbs on the top.

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              Roche Bros prepared foods section in West Roxbury is really good. It's not the kind baked with breadcrumbs, it's the creamy homemade elbow mac kind. It freezes well too.

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                The Roche Bros mac & cheese is really good.

                yumm, now I want some!

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              The one time I had Zon's I nearly sent it back. It tasted like macaroni baked in heavy cream. There was no cheese taste whatsoever. :(

            3. The Good Life has a terrific mac and cheese with truffles. Yum!

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                It's also under the side dishes w/o truffles (at a lower price)--and still awesome (and filling).

              2. Cottonwood does a good poblano mac n' cheese and I've ordered it as takeout. YUM!!!

                1. My sister just moved to East Boston and would be comforted by good mac 'n' cheese. I don't know the area at all and neither does she much yet, but I'll send her this thread for info. Any other super-cheesy choices (maybe even with Gruyère like her favorite mac 'n' cheese in Brooklyn) in that neighborhood or that she can get to easily by public transportation? She's on a tight grad student budget, but might splurge for a real treat.

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                    i don't know about public transport options from east boston, but picco in the south end has a pretty good brick-oven baked cheddar, gruyere and taleggio mac 'n cheese.

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                      I make a "death on a plate" mac and cheese w/ taleggio and other ingredients including white truffles. MMm, Picco's I will have to try!!!

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                      She should definitely check out Silvertone (Park St. T stop) - good eats and drinks, easy on the grad student wallet. Mac and cheese is a fave.

                    3. I saw great reviews about Harvard Gardens mac-n-cheese. However, upon actually having it, I was very dissapointed. There was a liquid layer on top with the churds of chalky cheese on the bottom. I won't deviate from Silvertone unless something better comes along.

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                        I agree about Harvard Gardens mac-n-cheese....very disappointing.

                        For takeout, Whole Foods is quite good and in the colder weather the mac-n-cheese at New England Soup Factory is excellent. They don't have it in the summer.

                      2. Ok, everyone, please don't laugh, but I really like the mac and cheese at Tennessee's in South Braintree. Had it there maybe 5 times now (including last night), and have always liked it.

                        It's a bit like the mac and cheese at other BBQ joints; not too watery or gooey, a bit browned on top, and is a bit on the clumpy side.

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                          We used Tennessee's for an event this weekend, and I made off with a whole pan of that mac & cheese - and I can't stop eating it! It's really, really good. Their ribs were great too.

                        2. Petit Robert (at least the Kenmore location) does an interesting version with fava beans; I would imagine the South End location would also have it available.