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ISO... source for really fancy salt

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earlier salt discussions aside...

does anyone have a website or purveyor that they order fancy sea salts from? I am looking for a few sacks or assortment for a friend of mine. she loves salt, especially fleur de sel.

for a special occassion gift, I am thinking of getting her some really nice salt. willing to spend some bucks, for something interesting.

thanks in advance.

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  1. The brand new Whole Foods in Manhattan's Lower Eastside carries many varieties of fancy sea salts. www.wholefoods.com (on Bowery Street)

      1. You could spend a whole lot at www.napastyle.com. They have several types that can be ordered singly or in sets and gift baskets.

        1. The Costco setup looks really nice, but just in case you're looking for something else, Penzey's sells a few salts, too.

          1. There are 86 items listed under "Salt" on the Kalustyan's mail order site. I just stopped by the physical store recently and bought a jar of Grey Sea Salt that I swear is so much more delicious than regular Kosher salt. I was a sceptic, and now I'm converted.


            1. Found this amazing site for salts: http://www.saltworks.us/ They have a great guide with pix for various types of sea salts.

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                I've used SaltWorks personally and professionally for the past year. They are a direct importer and supply several high-end companies with specialty salts that are then repackaged with "gourmet" or private labels. They also sell popular salts like Malden and Baleine.

                They also sell a very nice Salt Sampler in a Bamboo display case that is very nice. Here is a link:


              2. I love the grey salt from Napa Style .As another poster has said they have a selection. The grey salt is very intense so a little lasts a long time.

                1. This company sells a really nice, unprocessed salt - has a fresh, flavorful quality that is milder and richer than regular sea salt: