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Aug 16, 2005 03:23 PM

Fresca on Fillmore

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Picked it because it was close to my friend's work. How is it?

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  1. The Fresca on Fillmore is good -- all of their ceviches are tasty and fresh. I was so excited when they opened the new location near me in Noe Valley. Much to my surprise and disappointment, that Fresca is terrible: the service is awful and the food mediocre. Now we trek back up to Fillmore when we want good ceviche!

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      I just got back from lunch at the Fillmore branch. Fantastic!! I've always liked dinner there, but lunch is an even better bargain (even if the food's not as interesting). The portions are huge.

      The big winners, in my opinion, were my toro steak salad and my friend's steak sandwich (forget the exact name). The salad has a light, creamy cilantro dressing, and tons of incredibly tender flatiron steak. The sandwich was enormous; certainly enough of a lunch for most women I know (and we're big eaters).

      The only person who finished his entree alone was the teenage boy with us who ate his entire plate of shrimp BLT. Even he didn't finish his fries, though.

      Most items are under $10, and two entrees for three at lunch is a good idea unless you're with big eaters.

      The calamari that came by looked good, but we didn't order it. It was a huge platter of the large cuttlefish. It looked like each calamari was an inch or more thick, and a few inches in diameter. No puny squid here.

      1. re: nooodles

        I second your comments. Ate there a week ago. My guest had a huge toro steak salad. I tried the salmon BLT that came without the B. The last thing I needed was bacon so made no big deal about it. Salmon was decent.

        Service was excellent. Based on the toro salad I'm definetely heading back there and trying the other items on the menu. Prices were quite reasonable for what you get.

      2. re: sleepyemu

        Funny how that goes, we've found the Fillmore location pretty mediocre on two visits, and were pleasantly surprised by the food at the Noe location. They were clearly working out the service kinks, but tried hard to be accommodating in their first weeks.

        Hopefully our experience there will continue to be good, and perhaps we'll give the Fillmore location another try some time.

      3. been 3 times for lunch, once for dinner- LOVE IT!

        1. I've had less than desirable experiences at the Fillmore location. Service is slow and they may have a problem with timing their dishes. The last time I went my soup (chupa de mariscos) came out lukewarm and my boyfriend's pescado a lo macho was also just warm - only my brother's sandwich was still hot.
          I prefer the West Portal location of Fresca. From my experiences the food and service are better and they have a bigger menu. Plus they have better desserts!

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          1. re: maw

            My last couple visits at Fresca on Fillmore were also disappointing...

            I've been to the one at West Portal once (excellent) and having been visiting the Fillmore location for about two years now... They seem to have be going downhill. Their bread has changed (no longer fresh), their sangria has changed (it used to have this lovely crushed ice that made the entire thing more homogenous-- drinking something with ice cubes and no straw is such a pain), the steak salad I ordered was soggy, and the pork dish my sister got was really dry... Ceviche is still good though.