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Apr 3, 2007 12:00 PM

Late night cheap eats on vegas strip

I am going to be in Vegas this weekend, and I've planned the meals I'll eat while the sun is up. But it occurs to me that I'll likely find myself wandering the strip at 2 or 3 am, half-drunk, half-broke, and looking for chow.

Where's a fellow to find good, hearty food on the Vegas strip in the middle of the night? I'm talking steak, eggs, burgers, fries, steak sandwiches, brisket sandwiches... all the food I'll crave after a night of hitting the bars and casinos. For example, can I get a respectable steak for under $10 on the strip in the middle of the night?

Where do I go besides Denny's and In-n-Out Burger?

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  1. There's a FatBurger across the strip from the Monte Carlo that I think is open 24 hours. But it sounds like you want some diner/coffee shop food. Pretty much every casino has at least one restaurant that is open 24 hours, and after midnight is when they offer those "$1.99 T-bone & eggs" specials. You won't have to look far for greasy food at 3 a.m.

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      Indeed, every major casino has a 24-hour place, usually featuring a pretty varied menu. In my opinion, they're usually passable but not great. My favorite of those that I've tried is the one at Caesar's Palace. It isn't terribly cheap, but it's not expensive either and as I said, the food is better at this one than most.

    2. I have liverd in Las Vegas, part time and full time, for over fifteen years. You will not find anything like this anywhere on the Strip. You will need to go off the Strip to places like the Orleans and Gold Coast for $10.99 t bones and Arizona Charlie's for $2.99 steak and eggs. All are served 24 hours. There are no specials to be had on the Strip.

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        What about the greasy spoon food at The Flamingo in the middle of the night. $1.95 or something like that for steak and eggs or similar type food. The food isn't great or even good, but its 3am, you're drunk and hungry!

      2. Kady's, the coffee shop at the Riviera, has very cheap specials late night, some of which are breakfasty, some dinnery. Very cheap and well, not that great. No steak specials there.

        1. The best late night deals are down on Freemont(Old Downtown LV). My SO and I always hit the Golden Nugget cafe for the Ribeye and Eggs for $8.99 after midnight. Binions has some good specials too.

          1. Skip the Strip for cheap meals.

            If you want a great meal for a song, head where the casino employees all head to - Ellis Island on Korval Ave. behind Bally's. Not only is the food very inexpensive but it is great and the service is efficient and friendly.

            When I was there in January, we spent $13 for dinner for two and the food was well prepared. They also have a few micro-brews and some pretty good BBQ.