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buon thit nuong in LA?

Hi - this dish of grilled steak on rice noodles is my favorite Vietnamese dish and it seems in LA I am only coming across Pho shops that serve mostly soup. If anyone knows where to find non-soup items like this, or this specifically, that would be great! Thanks.

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  1. Have you called Pho 87 in Chinatown? They serve a lot of rice stick plates in addition to Pho.

    1. I believe Golden Deli in San Gabriel has bun thit bo nuong (grilled beef over rice vermicelli).

      Golden Deli
      815 W. Las Tunas Dr.
      San Gabriel
      (626) 308-0803

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        Golden Deli has good bun thit nuong. I also like the pork version or with the chopped up cha gio rolls

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          Do yourself a favor and shlep over to Golden Deli on Las Tunas dr. in Alhambra. Just today had the # 44b for lunch. Shrimp paste, egg roll and bbq beef with vermicelli noodles. I add lemon and mint leaves. Goes well with the iced coffee with milk. Heavenly! The Pho is also the best in L.A.

      2. Im a fan of Viet Huong in South El Monte. Corner of Gage and Garvy, 1 block east of Santa Anita. Good Pho and stews, very good non pho items, appetizing atmosphere. Non pho is very complete, but I cant say Ive seen bun thit nuong one the menu. Im sure you will get it, on the menu or not, they are very accomodating.

        I also like Vietnam House at Las Tunas and Mission in SG. Same deal, Ive never see or looked for bun thit nuong, but Im sure they either have it or will accomodate.

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          FYI Vietnam House is owned by the same family as Golden Deli.

        2. are you asking about bun? cold noodles?

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            the noodles in this dish aren't necessarily hot, but the meat on top is...

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              yes, that is bun. Not pronounced like a roll though. I don't know of any places in LA, but in Little Saigon there are plenty. I think that in the south bay, long beach and cerritos area, there are also several places. Sounds great for are warmer days to come. I love it too.

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                Where in cerritos would you go for this dish? I only know of two Vietnamese restaurants in the area: Superbowl in Pioneer and Saigon Flavor on Carson st. Would love to find out about more places.

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                  I haven't been to Superbowl in over a year, but that is where I would usually go in Cerritos. There is also a place near coco's off south street, behind the carl's jr. not sure what it is called. I have had the pho, it's ok, but not yeat tried the bun there. I use to go to Pho 54 on Anaheim in Long Beach, they have changed hands and is now called something else, sorry can't remember. I haven't had the Bun since the change, but I like the Pho better now. As it gets warmer, I will try the Bun soon.

                  BTW...which do you like better? superbowl or saigon flavor? I haven't had saigon flavor yet.

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                    Well, in Westminster I would suggest Quang Hy.

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                      They're both just ok in my book, hence, I was hoping for some new choices in the area!

            2. All branches of Pho So 1 and Pho 999 (in the Valley) serve bun thit nuong. I like it best in the form bun thit nuong cha gio, with the spring rolls. Pho So 1 has a great bun with stuffed tofu (stuffed with shrimp).

              1. Try the following:

                Pho 79 in Alhambra.
                Pho Super Bowl in Alhambra
                Vietnam House/Golden Deli in San Gabriel

                Bun thit nuong is the pork version, which I'm assuming you're talking about. But most places serving this will serve the beef version as well (bu thit bo nuong). Here's some more information: http://www.geocities.com/raytamsgv/vi...

                1. Where are you located exactly? I had a truly horrible bun dish at Pho 999 in the Valley, which a couple of posters mention here. It was with beef but I'm assuming that the pork version (which seems to be the one you're looking for) would be just as bad. Bun thit nuong to Vietnamese implies pork although literally "thit nuong" just means "grilled meat".

                  I'm assuming you know a bit about Vietnamese food here. If you like bun thit nuong, you might want to try the Northern version of it known as Bun Cha Ha Noi. The vermicelli is thinner (sort of like spaghetti vs. angel hair) and shaped into patties and the grilled pork (thit nuong) sits in a side bowl soaking in the flavorful sauce. You combine the meat and vermicelli into your own bowl at your leisure and eat as you go. There's a place in Westminster which specializes in at least two Northern Viet dishes, one of which is Bun Cha Ha Noi. The other one is a sizzling fish dish called Cha Ca Thang Long, which is their specialty, just in case you're interested. I always get the fish dish. I've never liked thit nuong that much, which is shameful considering I'm Vietnamese. I've given details of the place below. It's a total dive. Good luck and Enjoy!

                  Chao Ca Cho Cu
                  8550 Westminster Ave.
                  Westminster, CA 92683

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                    That fish dish has quite a strong . . . aroma. Same caveat applies to this place as Soot Bull Jeep: keep jackets and sweaters in the car, wear clothes that you can throw in the wash with minimal fuss. Otherwise, I love this place. Great fish porridge. Didn't know bun cha is also one of their specialty.

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                      It's the fermented anchovy sauce that gives it the aroma and not necessarily the fish itself IMO. I don't know if Bun Cha is one of their specialties per se. I know the fish dish is a Northern dish and if they specialize in that, they prob have a few other Northern specialties like Bun Cha. Plus the man who first introduced me to that place and has lived in Little Saigon forever told me that Bun Cha there is really good.

                      While it's slightly smelly, I don't think the same caveat applies to this place as to a Korean BBQ place like Soot Bull Jeep, not nearly to the same extent anyway. The fish comes out already cooked, sizzling on your platter. There's no grill at the tables themselves from what I recall. I think most of the smell permeates from the kitchen as it's a small little dive.

                  2. I also am a big fan of Golden Deli on Las Tunas in San Gabriel? The have another restaurant by the name of Saigon Flavor on Valley in Monterey Pk. Their whole menu is good. Their Bun is terrific there.. nicely grilled and lots of flavor. Their soup noodle dishes are also soothing and yummy.

                    1. Saigon Flavor is really good. I am a big fan of Nem Nuong Khanh Hoa on the west side of Valley Blvd. I ate their today and had the Bun and it was extremely tasty. They also have really good Lemon Soda which doesn't have too much sugar and more taste of the fresh lime. Since we discovered the place, we have been going there at least once per week.

                      My wife loves spring rolls and they have a platter where you can "roll your own". The meat (BBQ pork, Sour Pork and Pork in Banana Leaf) is really good. They also give you a big plate of veggies that are fresh and crispy. These spring rolls are similar to the ones at Brodard in Little Saigon. They do one thing differently. Instead of just egg roll skin in the spring rolls, they add shrimp inside the egg roll skin. That makes them even better. They also have the same type of sauce as Brodard.

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                        I've tried both Saigon Flavor and Nem Nuong Khanh Hoa (both on Valley Blvd.). I preferred Nem Nuong Khanh Hoa. I paid $6 for a bowl of pho, a set of spring rolls, and the fresh lime soda drink. The service was also very friendly. Saigon Flavor is good too. Nem is less busy.