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Apr 3, 2007 11:56 AM

Diet soda as substitute for oil???

First disclaimer: I am a CHOW HOUND and although I have some conditions that should have me searching for lower fat dishes etc. I subscribe to the "full fat, smaller portion" way of eating rather than substituting for the real deal.
Yesterday during a work out the instructor told the class how she made brownies substituting diet coke for oil? and if you make something "white" use gingerale???? I thought I'd heard it all until this. Does anyone bake with soda as a sub.????

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  1. the diet soda in baked goods is very common in weight watcher recipes. from what I understand, it acts to moisten the dry ingredients and has some levening properties.

    I've never tried it, mostly because I don't drink diet soda.. but also because it just sounds terrible. (and most of the recipes involve box mixes, and I don't feel like potentially wasting flour & chocolate to test it with a from scratch recipe.)

    it seems to me, it would be a "i'm desperate" instead of a go without and then have a small portion of the real thing type of situation... but even then...

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      Withalonge is right...someone in our office brought in cupcakes made with cake mix and diet soda, said his wife was trying Weight Watchers. I didn't try them probably because of the cake mix (neither ingredient sounded good to me!) more than anything but they generally went over pretty well among everyone. You can google it and come up with some hits, though not sure I saw anything for brownies.

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      1. Yes, it is an old Weight Watcher "trick". I'll bet you could go to the Weight Watchers message boards and find lots of info on it. I was never a big fan, even in the days when I used refined flour cake mixes.

        1. I attended WW meetings back in '02 and '03. Someone brought a "brownie" made with a devils foods cake mix and diet cola to a meeting, cut up in little pieces, so we could try them. They were unpalatable and dry, with what I can only describe as a chemical aftertaste and little chocolate flavor. Please bear in mind I already dislike cake mixes, but this was nasty. I'd rather cut my real brownie recipe in small pieces and eat less, no question.

          You know, WW is really sensible except for this obsession with "diet" food that's so pervasive at meetings. Forgive my rant, but I would've gotten more from those meetings if there were fewer discussions adoring fat free cool whip...

          1. It works well with recipes that should be light - cupcakes, pancakes, drop biscuits - but not for stuff that should be denser or chewy, like brownies or cookies.