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Apr 3, 2007 11:46 AM

Looking for restaurants ATLANTA

I will be visiting Atlanta from Philadelphia in the first week of May and am looking for 3 restaurants for dinner. I guess I am looking for 'fine dining" options but anything novel and cutting edge would be even better. I was thinking of going to the "Dining Room" but the chef who had originally come from Japan seems to have gone back to japan and the present chef does not seem as interesting. Is Seegers still any good? I will be staying in Buckhead but am willing to travel for good food ! Thanks.

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  1. Seegers is gone. I am sorry.
    Restaurant Eugene is the place to go and the Dining Room would still be a great option. I love Antica Posta and Anis.
    All good! Have fun in Atlanta!

    1. Seeger's has closed for good (for the second time).
      The Dining Room here is arguably the best we have to offer.
      I would also suggest Restaurant Eugene, Bacchanalia, Joel, Trois...perhaps for "cutting" edge perhaps one of the wine bars or tapas places...Enoteca Carbonari or Krog Bar.

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        For fine dining, I've enjoyed Aria immensely everytime I have gone (3X). Also I would dine at Tasty China. There's lots of posts on this board regarding the place and it's def. the real deal for Sichuan cooking with some really unique dishes.

      2. heineken:
        There are many great places to eat in Atlanta. Depending on your taste there is Bone's it has been around forever its on Piedmont near Peachtree in Buckhead. The steak are aged and the lobsters are to die for. Zagat survey 27 food 26 service. Any of the Buckhead Life Restaurant Groups are great. Also for great sushi there is MF Sushi in Midtown It stands for Magic Fingers. It is quaint and great. You may also try Anthony's. It is also located on Piedmont right off Peachtree in Buckhead. Another website to look at is You click on restaurants in the top left corner, it will then list by cuisine. It is accurate. They also have chef reviews. Seegers is gone but it was simply quaint and overpriced. The Dining Room is nice but to me not worth it. If you want a great Sunday Brunch however the Ritz Buckhead is fabulous. They everything from caviar to prime rib. Belive me it is not your average Brunch. But you need to call now for seating they begin seating at 11 am every 30 minutes. The dining area is not that large and it is very popular the cost is around 60.00 each. By the way on Sunday if want champagne or any other adult beverage they can't serve until 12:30. So we always go and get started around 12:00 and the flow the champange. Oh
        yeah you may try the Sundial on top of the Peachtree Plaza it is beautiful and the restaurant and bar rotate. I have not eaten there since it changed hands a while back but what I have heard from several people it is now very very good. If you don't go for dinner at least go for dinner at sunset. They do charge a few if you are not dining. But it is worth it. If I think of anything else I will let you know.

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          I would stay away from the's prom season.

          For restaurant groups, I prefer the Fifth Group, La Tavola and Ecco especially.
          I believe the Buckhead Life "thing" has gone down recently and I'm never impressed and usually disappointed.

          1. re: rcburli

            I am totally with you on the Buckhead Life thing. They are just okay.

            1. re: rcburli

              I second the Fifth Group restaurants recommendation. Always great food and great service.

              Restaurant list here:


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                On the Fifth Group, I am not a huge fan of La Tavola -- food is pricey and not that great. But, Food Studio is my second favorite restaurant in the city (Bacchanalia is our favorite). The styling, presentation, and choice of food at Food Studio is remarkably well-crafted. You will not be disappointed there.

                If you were thinking in the price range of Seeger's, I would strongly suggest Bacchanalia. The food is unbelievable --- so yummy --- but don't eat anything for lunch that day.

          2. No question, go to the Dining Room--it is an experience.
            Then, I'd suggest Eugene, Rathbun's, and either Aria or Bacchanalia. You can't go wrong.
            Have fun in ATL!

            1. You've got to go to Rathbuns (, Shaun's ( or Bacchanalia ( Bacchanalia is the absolute best but you definitely will be happy with the other two, as well!