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Apr 3, 2007 11:37 AM

Recent trip report

Only spent two days in NYC but here is my report. Based much of our eating on chowhounders, so thanks for the help. Lunch at Union Sqare Cafe was phenomenal. My wife is still raving about her greenmarket fresh snap pea salad. It seems like USC gets a bad rap sometimes but the service and food were wonderful. Dinner that night in Chinatown was a little disappointing. We went to New Green Bo. Surprisingly, the service was great but the food I thought was mediocre. The dumplings, crispy duck and pan fried noodles were just OK. Maybe I was expecting too much. Brunch the next day at Pastis was fine and dinner that night at Lupa was extraordinary. The bavette w/ pecorino and the deep fried brussel sprouts made for a great meal. All in all a great visit and thanks again.

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  1. Re Union Square Cafe--bad rap. I beg to differ. Instead, it is outshined (outshone?) by Eleven Madison Park and perhaps The Modern. It is the original Danny Meyer masterpiece. Let's give it it's due and full respect. It is a very good restaurant but much buzz has been directed to other DM spots. I can't afford the time and money to do all of DM's restaurants. I have yet to try The Modern. Hopefully, one day. Right now, I need to do a return to Tabla as my next stop in the DM family.