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Apr 3, 2007 11:28 AM

Bachelor Party in Montreal

Hello Canadian Chowhounds,

I will be spending a couple days in Montreal for a bachelor party in May. I haven't been to Montreal and was hoping somebody could give a couple good restaurant and lodging recommendations. If you were organizing a bachelor party for a friend, where would you want to eat? What neighborhoods are best?

Thank you

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  1. Hmm…. I guess it would help if you gave us an idea of what kind of bachelor party you guys intend on having. The “usual” fare? – I’m sure some people can recommend some places with good complimentary buffets….

    Seriously –What are you guys looking for? Steak, ribs, seafood, near the nightlife, VIP rooms, party-friendly places, supper clubs? Do most of the guys care about the food or de they just want decent food and a good time?

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    1. re: Arktik

      I'm sure we'll do our fair share of the "usual," and I might start another thread asking for a good breakfast buffet suggestion. That's a good idea.

      We will, however, want to do one (somewhat) classy night - something nice for our buddy. I think a steakhouse would be perfect.

      1. re: ilmangiatore

        If you want steak and money is no object, I suggest Queue de Cheval.

        There are 2 hotels nearby the restaurant that are good:
        1. Le Centre Sheraton Montreal Hotel. 1201 Boulevard Rene-Levesque West.
        2. Marriott Chateau Champlain, 1050 de la Gauchetiere West .

        Also good is Hotel de la Montagne. 1430 Rue de la Montagne.
        It is right near Crescent Street, where there are plenty of bars and night clubs:

        Have fun!

        1. re: NJMtlTourist

          I'm from Chicago and the other guys from New York. I was reading the chowhound board and it seems like we might be dissapointed in Montreal Steakhouses? Maybe it would be better to do something more characteristic of Montreal. Also, something more affordable than the Que de Cheval. Unfortunately, I can't expense this party.

          1. re: ilmangiatore

            The food at the Hard Rock Cafe is not too bad. And it's right on Crescent, where the major bars and night clubs are.

            Also, Reuben's is good, and they do serve steak, as well as smoked meat. They are on Ste Cath and Peel, less than 3 blocks from Crescent. If you want characteristic Montreal fare, this is a good place to go, and the prices are reasonable.

            1. re: NJMtlTourist

              The OP is asking for something for typical of Montreal and Hard Rock can be found in both Chicago and New York and let's be honest, the food as average at best. That being said, tourists have a perception that the Montreal's nightlife is limited to Crescent street but these are not bars that most locals go to. You might want to check out St-Laurent boulevard. Trendy, seen and be seen but loaded with locals. As for smoked meat, Reuben's is pretty average but ok, Schwatz is by far the best spot in town and right on St-Laurent so a good spot yo stop by after a night of clubbing.

              As for the resto request, there's the Brasserie Brunois option on de la Montagne. They could also go for a good BYOW like O'Thym, Le Bleu Raisin or La Colombe. Typical Montreal also includes Au Pied de Cochon but it can get expansive if you get carried away. Laloux with the new kitchen staff also seems like a good option and the price is fair.

              1. re: Campofiorin

                I would argue that great, original food at excellent price points is also a great way to summarize a typical Montreal dining experience. I find Brasserie Brunoise is not original in that it's just the typical bistro fare, which can be had in many other cities. I agree with the BYOW options, all good places.

                1. re: Campofiorin

                  Right now the trendiest area on St. Laurent is under heavy construction. It might put a damper slightly on the party, not that it matters much once you are inside a place. Just FYI really. Perhaps St. Denis might be interesting too, for soaking up some Quebecoise Culture.

                  Please please stay away from Hard Rock Cafe! I can't imagine a place LESS representative of Montreal.

              2. re: ilmangiatore

                I know I say this all the time, but Decca77 is really good food, for not expensive. At $35 per head for the table d'hote, you won't be disappointed. And the wine list will accomodate all ranges of tastes and prices. All the reviews from the food critics have been overly favourable.

                1. re: swissfoodie

                  Classy, affordable, and downtown is a tough order to fill. I have to agree with swissfoodie. Decca77 fits the bill admirably.

                  If you insist on a steakhouse, The Queue has the most "testosterone" of any in town. As for affordable... not so much.

                  There's Cafe Ferreira for upscale Portuegese and an 10,000 bottle wine and port cellar. Again a bit pricey.

                  How many are in your party, by the way?

                  1. re: rcianci

                    I think Gibby's would be a good fit before hitting ST. Catherine street.......

                  2. re: swissfoodie

                    take it easy , it is good but not that good

          2. The guys would likely appreciate an evening at Bueno Note--the food is pretty good but more importantly for your party the servers are all beautiful girls;) It is a see and be seen kind of place, and they will likely get a kick out of the all the celebrity-signed plates on the wall (Clooney, De Niro, etc). The restaurant is on St.Laurent so after eating you need only wander up the street to check out the hippest bars, cafes and clubs.

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            1. re: foodismyfriend

              The same could be said of Globe, no? Minus the celebrity plates, of course.

              Also, as long as we've got them on St. Laurent, they could go to Moishe's for their steak.

            2. Just go to the Globe, Buonna Notte, Med or Primadonna for dinner , drinks and dance, move to Rouge or B side for drinks, end up a Go-Go lounge , all on St Lawrence so no much moving arround.
              do not forget to stop by Kamasutra next block east for a great bachelor

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              1. re: jsoifMtl

                No one from NY or Chicago should be eating steak in Montreal, period. La Colombe and Decca77 are faves of mine in their categories, but neither is a bachelor party destination. If you guys are in-crowd or high rollers, Montreal has exactly what you need, which is good food in a swanky setting served by gorgeous women. All recommendations in previous post are good. If downtown I would go to Cavalli or Rosalie. Cavalli has better food, but Rosalie has the hottest waitresses in town, no contest.

                1. re: Artichoq

                  ***RETRACTION*** Sadly, I must revoke my recommendation of Rosalie, having eaten there last night after a long hiatus. Although the food used to be good, it is now truly awful. At a table of eight, the three tartares went back basically untouched (the worst texture I have ever seen), and a plate of pasta was like something from under a cafeteria heat lamp, also untouched. The other four dishes were barely acceptable, and one order was incorrect. The house graciously accepted to replace or credit the uneaten dishes, but if I return it will be for drinks only.

                  1. re: Artichoq

                    "No one from NY or Chicago should be eating steak in Montreal, period."

                    Can you tell me why?


                    1. re: billsamtom

                      It'll be interesting to see what Artichoq says, but here's the case I made in a Queue de Cheveal thread:

                      I'll never understand why visitors to our fair city will pass up culinary experiences, many of them far more affordable, that simply cannot be found elsewhere in favour of a formula restaurant that could be anywhere, that could be in their home towns. My advice: if you want a spendy downtown meal, head to Ferreira, Brontë, Toqué!, etc. If you insist on a steakhouse, Moishe's is the closest you'll come to a uniquely Montreal experience. If you're in search of a truly great steakhouse, hop the train to NYC.

                      1. re: carswell

                        I agree with you, carswell. Recommending a steakhouse to someone from Chicago is like recommending a pizzeria to a Napolitano, or a sushi restaurant to someone from Kanazawa. Nothing we have here could hope to impress.

                        As for Queue in particular, I gave them two chances. One meal was merely "good", and one was poor. My steak was stringy in places, not cooked to requested doneness, and service was spotty. It was a Tuesday night, but we paid the usual astronomical price and endured the staff's over-the-top sales schtick (including much savage slapping of steaks under cellophane). I left feeling swindled and will not return.

                2. Here is my take on the bachelor party scene:

                  Night 1:
                  High rollers night - Cavalli or Rosalie for supper, party at Sir Winston’s or Thursday’s, walk over to Wandas for some « eye candy », eat at Boustan in the wee-hours.

                  Night 2
                  The Main attraction: Globe or Buena Notte, party at Rouge or Gogos, stroll down the back street to Kamasutra, eat at Schwartz’s at 3:10 am.

                  Night 3 :
                  Boys night out.
                  Eat anywhere (somewhere you spotted during the last few days), Go to Hurley's Irish pub for a few pints o’ beer, walk down St-Catherine’s and wait for a « doorman » to invite you inside.

                  These recommendations I think balance good food and a good time – in my opinion, guys don’t come to Montreal to eat at quiet bistros. You want to be within walking distance of your next stop and surrounded by people ready to have a good time. If it’s a nice night, you may just want to walk around and hook up with some locals and see where they are headed or ask them what they would do.

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                  1. re: Arktik

                    I'd include the "sexy waitress" diners in Hochelaga to make the experience complete.

                    1. re: YUL PHL

                      Boobs in your eggs is quite the enlightning experience,

                      1. re: YUL PHL

                        Any recommendations on these "sexy waitress" diners in particular?

                        1. re: Foodaholic

                          Macaroni on St-Laurent seems to be the new winner these days. Or other St-Laurent restaurant between Sherbrooke St. and Pine St. (Med, Buena Notte, ,,, )

                          1. re: Maximilien

                            I don't think YUL PHL was referring to that kind of sexy waitress, Maximilien, but rather the "serveuses sexy" of the topless variety. One of the diners in Hochelaga referred to above was probably Les Courtisanes, but that closed long ago.

                            1. re: mainsqueeze

                              well, that's out of my league.

                              I like my sexy waitress fully dressed. IMO, a well dressed woman is a lot more sexy than a badly undressed woman; but that's for another discussion board.

                              1. re: mainsqueeze

                                He's right. I was just curious since I'll be bringing a bachelor party out that way as well. The idea itself sounds fantastic.

                      2. We are looking for a fun Sushi/Asian Fusion Type Place in Montreal for dinner with bachelor Party of 7 people. Good food but also something with a sceney trendy feel. This is for May 22nd.


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                        1. re: augie

                          Not a recco cause I've never been there but Koko in the Opus hotel gets good word of mouth.

                          If food trumps scene, consider Juni or Kaizen.