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Apr 3, 2007 11:14 AM

Ben Benson's- Need reviews

I have heard from many that Ben Benson's is a great steakhouse. However, I never see it mentioned on this board when talking about the best steak in New York. You usually see Luger's, Sparks, Keens, etc. I have been to Luger's (best meal of my life) and Ruth Chris and would like to try as many steakhouses as possible. However, as I have stated in some of my other posts my mother and sister do not like steak and want chicken, pasta, shrimp dishes that many top notch places do not offer. Even at Ruth Chris which is a chain they had trouble (Ruth's only has one chicken dish and my sister was forced to order a portobello mushroom dish). I see that Ben Benson's has like one of the most extensive steakhouse menus I have ever seen. They ever offer chicken parmigiana and fried chicken which is like unheard of. Usually steakhouses just stick to steak and limited seafood options that include salmon and sea bass which they dont eat. So how is Ben Benson's?? Does it stack up with the other great steakhouses? If not what other recs do have that will make my whole family happy. Great steakhouse experience for me and my dad, while my mother and sister have some options to enjoy themselves.

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  1. I think I once had the lobster there for a main course. I'm not sure why, but the place doesn't seem to be an "in" or "hot" spot. It was a long time ago, but I remember having a tannic yet tasty 96 Kirwan there.

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      It is not a great steakhouse, maybe barely a good one....why ot you go to a place like Gramercy tavern, Craft, Gotham, etc where you can get a steak and i'm sure the rest of your part will find something they will like....

    2. Having been there a few times, as well as the others you mentioned, it is good, okay, adequate. I would try it and yes they do have many other dishes. Is the strip as good as Sparks's or the porterhouse like Luger? No,but it is an okay steakhouse