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Top Five Veggie Options in LA?

I need to expand my Veggie options in LA....any suggestions??
Thank you.

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  1. Are you looking for top five dishes? or top five restaurants? any particular price range, cuisine, or area of the city?

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      Restaurants (and then maybe fave dishes there), any price range, any area...thank you!

    2. Rahel Ethiopian Veggie on Fairfax
      Hugo's in Studio City or West Hollywood (AMerican)
      Follow Your Heart in Canoga Park (granola-people health food place)
      Woodlands Pure in Artesia or Chatsworth (Indian)
      The Natural Cafe In Westlake
      The Veggie Chinese in Granada Hills (??)
      Vegan Express
      Vegan Table
      M Cafe De Chaya
      Juliano's Raw

      1. I like Vegan Plate in Studio City. It's basically Thai. Located in a mini-mall on the north side of Ventura, just east of Radford.

        1. happy family at atlantic/garvey in monterey park, chinese vegetarian


          1. The veggie sandwich at Marston's (Pasadena) is very tasty. It comes with fruit salad.

            1. Elf Cafe in Echo Park--middle eastern/persian flavors

              Dinner only, Weds-Saturday
              2135 Sunset Blvd
              just east of Alvarado on the north side of the street

              Some pictures here: http://erinskitchen.blogspot.com/2007...

              1. also, THE SPOT on second av. near the boardwalk in hermosa beach, and NATIVE FOODS in westwood and in (i believe ) costa mesa.

                (i ate at rahel tonight, their shiro is the absolute best)

                1. Don't forget Madeleine Bistro in the SFV.

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                    Second this. This is my "top" for vegan cuisine. Rahel is second; Woodlands third (but it's vegetarian, not vegan).

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                      Yup yup.

                      Madeleine Bistro
                      Inn of the Seventh Ray
                      Mao's Kitchen
                      [Locanda del Lago, Grace for their options]

                      Personally, I can't stand M Cafe.

                    2. I would add La Cachette on Little Santa Monica Blvd. just west of Century City - great vegetarian menus along with meat dishes.

                      1. Are you looking for vegetarian (no "flesh") or vegan (nothing from animals, period)? Or some variation thereon (such as eating fish but not mammals, or ... )?

                        1. Check out Green Leaves on Hillhurst in Los Feliz. It's vegan and so delicious! I'm not vegan...but they have some of the better Thai food that I've had. Try the Rock & Roll Noodles, the mushroom soup (a vegan version of tom kha khai), the stir fried eggplant and, for a change of pace, the pancakes! Their hash browns are delicious too.

                          1. Ooh, Green Temple in Redondo Beach is phenominal! Be sure to try something with their yummy tofu sauce. Pretty little patio with a fountain. Very serene.

                            The Green Temple
                            1700 S. Catalina Ave., Redondo Beach, CA 90277
                            Hours: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday 11:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.
                            Friday and Saturday 11:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.
                            Closed Monday

                            1. I finally made my way over to Follow Your Heart this weekend and I loved it. The atmosphere is very earthy, very casual but the food is tasty and there is a nice variety. I had a great burrito with tofu and black beans, and people like the pizzas. They have 5 soup choices every day-the cauliflower soup was yummy! They will ask you with every choice if the dairy cheese is OK or if you want one of 2 vegan choices.

                              I also like Native Foods and Real Food Daily.

                              Juliano's Raw did not impress me. I found the prices outrageous (the coffee drinks are around 10 bucks) and the service was super snotty. Food was so-so. Honestly, my friend and I left hungry...and walked to Jin Patisserie right afterward :-)

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                                I'm not a vegetarian by all means, but I love Native Foods! really delicious and fresh foods.

                                1. i like terra bella and green temple in redondo beach and madeleine's. also, inn of the seventh ray isn't too bad either. nice ambiance.


                                  1. Though Angeli Caffe has many dishes with meat, their veggie lasagna is so good, I think it's worth a trip there. I had it yesterday for the first time and it is a keeper. Described on the menu as:

                                    Lasagna Angeli
                                    a meatless lasagna of fresh pasta, seasonal veggies, tomato-basil sauce, ricotta, bechamel and parmesan


                                    1. Try VegiSoul, near USC.

                                      It's vegetarian (and vegan) soul food. They even have BBQ ribs, or as they call them, "Fibbs" ...

                                      The one time I've been, the tuna sandwich and the blueberry juice really hit the spot.


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                                        Thanks for this rec- I had never heard of the palce but it looks super and the prices are fab!

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                                          The one time I went there I waited over an hour for my food (at lunchtime on a weekday!) and it was nothing to scream about when it finally arrived.