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Hosting Dinner at West @ Hotel Angeleno

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I am going to host a dinner for about 15 to 20 at West. This is a post conference business dinner and have elected West due to its proximity to the venue of the conference as well as the views that I know the out-of-towners will appreciate. I have read the reviews in CH and seem to think that the food works but spotty on service. I am spending a lot of money on dinner so I can handle the service part. The main question is: What dishes can I recommend to my guests? I am having the wine list sent to me but would love suggestions. We will probably go heavy on the reds. Unless there is something that is really bad that I need to be aware of, please limit responses to constructive advice. Thanks Chowhounders in advance for your thoughtful repsonses!!!

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  1. Check my review: http://www.chowhound.com/topics/38431...

    I'd stick with the steaks considering West is an "Italian steakhouse"; the strip and the porterhouse were solid on my visit. We didn't have any crudo or small plates so I can't help you there.
    As for the sides, they were good, but the portions are not family size, but for each individual. I'd get a few orders of fries (not on the menu) as well.
    Plenty of wine options.