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Apr 3, 2007 10:42 AM

Tomer Gourmet Macaroons are the best! But why the mystery????

Every year I buy these macaroons at Carmel on 108th st and 64th Ave in Rego Park, Queens, NY---and nothing compares to them...they make the most outrageous pistachio macaroons, and choc chip coconut, and etc.....except, one problem,,,,,they run out of them very quickly...people come in and buy several packages of them...they are about $6 at Carmel..and Natural started carrying them also, and for the same thing they are $8 there...I tried to contact them to see who else has them in Queens and LI for other friends, and there is no phone on the package, and the weirdest thing is every year, they call themselves something different..this year it's "Tomer Gourmet"..they are authorized by a Rabbi Dr. H Elbaz and say Cedarhurst, NY.....can't find any listing for them online when I googled...guess I could try to call Carmel but not sure if they'd give out this info-----has anyone else tried these macaroons????

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  1. I think that Tomer Gourmet is the baking division of the Jerusalem Market in Cedarhurst, which is located on Central Avenue (and Prospect) in Cedarhurst. It is several doors down from the Jerusalem Steakhouse. This store used to be the location of the Delicious Dairy Restaurant.

    1. looks like Carmel restocked already. they had tons of choc chip coconut, plain choc chip, plain walnut, and plain coconut, but no pistachio *sigh* so thanks for the new snack idea.

      1. Tomer Gourmet is in fact the baking division of the Jerusalem Market in Cedarhurst. During Passover, the goods are given kosher certification from Rabbi Dr. H Elbaz because the baker (Moti) uses "kitniyot" (legumes) during Passover. Carmel has probably the best price for these cookies because the owner is a bit of a difficult guy with the distributors and demands special prices. But if you're in Cedarhurst, Jerusalem has plenty of other dishes (especially on Fridays) that are delicious. I think that their bourekas are the best in America as well as their chocolate croissants. Everything is comparable to quality baked goods in Israel.

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          thank you so much for the info...I will try to make it out there, and check it out...