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Apr 3, 2007 10:20 AM

Montreal on Easter weekend..

Going to be heading over your way this weekend with my gal from Toronto for some relaxation ,eating and drinking. We're staying on Old Montreal for almost four days and really looking forward to some great meals. We're in our early 30's and looking for some nice low key type places to try local foods and drink some nice wines etc. WITHOUT having to blow insane amounts of money...
Gonna go for some beers and drinks at night
Also cafe's and bakerys in the neighbourhood would be great as well since we'll be bringing munchies (cheese,etc) to the room

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  1. Restaurant du Vieux Port may be right for you. The prices are good, and they have a good selection of wines. It is right on St-Paul, in Old Montreal.

    1. ASZU in Old Montreal is a good place to have a glass or two of wine by the glass and an interesting appetizer or two. Also Brasserie Brunoise on Montagne by the Bell Centre has good wine by the glass and interesting food both appetizers and "mains" -- some food items are quite a bit cheaper before 5 pm. Both have a nice ambience and in either place you can order a little or a lot. Both are "comfy" but classy.

      1. In you are in the Old Montreal, I will share with you my favorites places.
        For a cafe or bakery, there is the well known, trendy and so goood OLIVE ET GOURMANDO, on St-Paul. Also, I love to go to HOLDER, on McGill Street, in the Old. The atmosphere is trendy, lively and the food is great. A great place to see beautiful people while well eating.

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