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Apr 3, 2007 10:11 AM

Six Steps - worst episode of Restaurant Makeover ever

Did anyone catch this epsiode last night? I think this was the worst episode of the show to date. The entire thing was a giant publicity grab - and strayed very far from the show's concept of helping out a troubled restaurant (not that they always manage to do that in the end, but that's another story).

None of the show rules were really followed - they had about 10 times the normal budget, took several days longer than the usual renos, and the owners were all over the place - so the end 'reveal' was no surprise. I also found the owners extremely annoying - especially the younger of the two. So much so that I'd probably pass on a visit there in the future and spend my money elsewhere.

The house chef looked like he knew his stuff - and the food they prepped (especially the cornish hen dish) looked great. However, I checked out some recent reviews, and neither were that promising (see below).

Toronto Star review:
Globe & Mail review:

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  1. This is place terrible, annoying and silly all rolled up into one big ball of @#$%!
    How embaressing that this great city still has to endure jokers for restauranteurs!

    1. I see from the Toronto Star review, that one of the co-owners has a connection with P.J. O'Brien(his family owns it). P.J. O'Brien was recently featured on Restaurant Makeover. I got to catch the Six Steps episode when it re-airs Saturday night.

      1. I found the show to be funny! Its a reality show...change is always good....

        1. I missed the very start of the show so I didn't know how much their budget was, but I was very unimpressed with the owners. The show should not have allowed them to be involved in the whole process. The whole point of the show is for the owners to come back after a week and see a whole new place. If they wanted to be involved that much they should have just hired an interior designer and not gone on the show.

          I kept flipping the channel cause the owners were annoying me so much. This is one publicity stunt that I don't think worked, cause I was very turned off by the owners and due to that have no desire to go to the resturant. This may sound strange but it is just how watching the show made me feel.