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Restaurants with a private room

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I'm looking for restaurants with a room for private parties that can accommodate 10 - 15 people. It's for a birthday dinner so we want it to have a fun atmosphere and the food should also be delicious; not mediocre. I know Mastro's has a private room, but that is a little too expensive. Something a little more affordable would be great. It can be anywhere from Silverlake to Santa Monica. Please tell me if you have any ideas. Thanks!

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  1. I had a great time at the upstairs room in Michael's, but that too will probably end up being on the pricey side. How about Barefoot on 3rd St near San Vicente? They've got an upstairs area also.

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      Toscana in Brentwood has a private room which can accommodate up to 20.
      Another thought is Entoteca Drago in BH. They have a private room upstairs

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        I really like Michael's, but it probably is out of the price range. I didn't know Barefoot had an upstairs room. Thanks for the tip!

      2. Try 'Simon' at the Sofitel hotel across from the Beverly Center. Beautifully remodeled and fantastic food.

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          Simon is beautiful, but you cannot hear yourself think, and the food is both overpriced and not very good. Only thing worthwhile is the margherita pizza, and even that is overpriced for what it is. Curry duck was mediocre, swimming in sauce. A seafood pizza tasted odd being that the seafood wasn't cooked at all and was sitting on top of warm pizza bread (btw the server dropped it on the way out so that one person in our party had to wait ten minutes for another one to be made while everyone else ate). Steak and chicken there are both OK, but again, overpriced.

          Ca'Brea has a wonderful small private room upstairs, but alas, I've heard it is closed due to a fire.

          Both Spago and Via Veneto have private rooms as well as great food. They're expensive, but don't quite reach Mastro's range since they aren't focused on steak.

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            the cost to rent the private room at SPAGO is mindblowing.

        2. Restaurant at the Getty Center has a beautiful private dining room. Only open for dinner on Friday and Saturday.

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            I went there about 2 or 3 years ago. The setting is lovely, but is the food good? I believe it's also quite pricey. Am I wrong?

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              Don't know about how much the Private Dining Room, but i think the prices in the Restaurant are great for the quality. Definitely not an overpriced experience. Not cheap, but worth it. Their number is 310.440.6810

          2. Dar Mahgrub on Sunset -- private room, fun atmosphere with belly dancers, tons of food eaten family style with hands.

            1. Perhaps Upstairs 2 above the Wine House in WLA. They have a private room (Addie's) ...recommend the great crabcakes and scallops. http://www.upstairs2.com/restaurant1/

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                I've really been wanting to try Upstairs 2. The menu looks great. Thanks.

              2. A few other ideas...

                The patio at Gardens on Glendon, Gardens of Taxco, Minibar, Locando del Lago, Chez Mimi, La Cachette, Napa Valley Grille, Mastro's and Spago are both pricier, but Spago has a dining plan for groups of 20 I bellieve...

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                  I was wondering about Locanda del Lago. How is the food?

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                    I've enjoyed every meal I've had there. We go here somewhat often since it's in the area, and it's a reliably tasty meal. It's not cheap, but from the last few times, we've enjoyed a salt encrusted fish of the day... I forget what the fish was, but it was tasty, and I'm a sucker for artichokes; butternut squash risotto w/ scallops, and the branzino (I'm a fish nut); my friend loves their linguini w/ clams. As for appetizers, I like their tuna tartare and eggplant parmesan (better to share this). I like their Panna Cotta and baked pear thing, and my ex loved that it's one of the few places, esp higher end, that serves cherry pie.

                    What I also like is that they have a vegetarian menu with a number of items that can be made vegan upon request.

                2. Pizzeria Mozza has a private room, the Jack Warner room. It's a cool room with a lot of history.

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                    It's a great room. We looked into it a while back and it is pretty expensive. It's a bummer because the food is so good.

                  2. Much cheaper, but still fun & tasty: The tatami room at Furaibo on Sawtelle.

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                      Second Il Moro . Also went to a b-day party for 20 people at Grace a few yrs ago. Enjoyed it immensely. I am not a big fan of the food but my host selected a menu and it was really good. They even allowed us to put up easels and to decorate the room.

                    2. A group of 11 had dinner the other night at Chakra on Doheny. It's Indian food, but the private room is very lounge-like-- banquettes, low tables and some stools. The room is private, the service was good as was the food! A very pretty and classy space!

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                        Thanks for the suggestion. We love Indian food!

                      2. Just posted for another board, how about Cafe Bizou, reasonable prices, and $2.00 corkage. The one in Santa Monica goes by another name now, but is still good

                        1. Roy's in downtown has a private room.

                          1. Madeleine's in Pasadena has a private room for receptions/meetings and the food & wine list rocks!

                            If you want to try something different, get the tatami room at Thousand Cranes (in the New Otani hotel) or a private room at the Empress Pavilion (their set menus are much better than their so-so dim sum).