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Apr 3, 2007 10:03 AM

Taco Bell breakfast?

They are apparantly testing breakfast in some areas including LA. Anyone try it yet?

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  1. Egads, that sounds like a disaster waiting to happen. I remember a short-lived breakfast burrito push by the fast food spots a number of years ago. Is it going to be along those lines?

    I love a good breakfast burrito, but the fast food ones made me feel like my esophagus was cutting me off to prevent further abuse.

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    1. re: MeAndroo

      Sonic's breakfast burritos are OK.

    2. They actually tried serving breakfasts ... sheesh ... 15, maybe 20 years' ago? I remember various breakfast burritos and they had hash brown nuggets (think mini tater tots). I actually recall liking a couple of the breakfast burritos but A) I like breakfast burritos in general and B) I was in my late teens, IIRC, and therefore not nearly as, um, discriminating as I am now about what I consume.

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      1. re: ElsieDee

        yeah - they had breakfast from like 1990-? i acutally didn't know they stopped serving it. the hash brown nuggets were great! they also served all the "regular" food at breakfast which i loved b/c i don't like breakfast burritos.

      2. I've had their breakfast many times.....they've had them for a number of years.

        Most of the items are a bit off....the breakfast burritos..i usually get steak have eggs...the meat is really greasy and tends "leak"....kinda gross...there are eggs in there.

        They have a breakfast quesedilla which is actually one of the better items on the menu vs. the breakfast burrito or breakfast gordita....cheesy goodness.

        Personally, I enjoy the sausage burritos at McDonalds to Taco Bells.

        I really only do it if I'm in an extreme rush....i try not to miss breakfast.

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        1. re: Xericx

          taco bueno now has breakfast. the breakfast Quesadilla is good

          1. re: textex

            Taco John's breakfast is much better than one would expect. Worth a shot if in the area and leaning toward fast food breakfast.