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Apr 3, 2007 10:03 AM

Breakfast in Holland, Saugatuck, 196 Route

Hi, We're dropping the kids with family in Pentwater and driving down 196 for a weekend in Chicago. I'm looking for good breakfast place to stop around Holland/Saugatuck/Douglas. I don't need big greasy portions, as my 6 month pregnant belly can't handle it...but something homey and fresh.

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  1. I recommend driving just a bit farther to Stevensville (just south of St. Joseph) and going to the bakery that is attached to Tosi's restaurant. I've stopped there several times en route to Chicago and never been disappointed.

    1. The next town after Saugatuck is South Haven. At I-196 Exit 20 (Phoenix Road), you can go east and there's a Big Boy restaurant right next to the highway. They do an all-you-can-eat breakfast buffet as well as ordering off the menu. Alternatively, you can take Phoenix Road in the other direction (west) 1-2 miles into the small downtown area of South Haven. Phoenix Street Cafe (523 Phoenix St) has good eggs and pancakes. On the other side of the street, Golden Brown Cafe (421 Phoenix St) has a nice breakfast menu served all day. Both places (Phoenix Street and Golden Brown) offer sit-down breakfasts, and Golden Brown has a carry-out bakery as well. You'll find more info on the South Haven tourism website at

      Another 20 miles past South Haven, you get to Benton Harbor. A couple miles past the merge with I-94, at the exit for Pipestone Road is Sophia's House of Pancakes ( ), which is pretty good for sit-down breakfasts. From the exit ramp, turn right onto Pipestone Road, then an immediate left onto Mall Drive and Sophia's is on the right. If you instead stay on Pipestone Road, there is an IHOP on the right.

      P.S. Regarding the previous post - Tosi's is not open for a sit-down breakfast, but it's a good place for dinner. If you go there, get good directions; it's a couple of turns from the highway and they're easy to miss.

      1. Everyday People Cafe in Douglas serves brunch on Sat & Sun. I've not had the brunch but have enjoyed delicious lunches there. Here's the link:

        Have fun in Chicago and along the way.

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          Ditto. I think this is the best place in Saugatuck/Douglas area. I love the tapas plate, and see it on the brunch menu as well as the lunch.

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            Another vote for Everyday People Cafe. We just moved to Colorado a couple of months ago but we went to Saturday brunch frequently. The best restaurant in Saugatuck/Douglas in my opinion. When we head back to W. Michigan for a wedding later this year, this is the one restaurant we definitely plan to go to for brunch or dinner (or both!).