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Apr 3, 2007 09:40 AM

Ischia or Capri- Best

I want to send my parents to dinner at one of the best restaurants in ischia or capri. Any thoughts?

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  1. I was in Ischia for July 4 in 2006. First, it's not the most exciting island. But the hotel I stayed in was beautiful and has a famous spa which was THE place in the 60s. Anyway, their food really was great, and the service excellent. It's the Albergo della Regina Elisabetta in Lacco Ameno.

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      Don't overlook the island of Procida - much closer in, much shorter boat ride and a far more intimate experience without all the mass tourism. Check out the island's website and see what might be appealing for you. The boats to Procida leave from the same place as the Capri/Ischia one's from Naples. If you remember the utterly charming Italian harbor scene in the dark movie "The Talented Mr Ripley", you were looking and maybe falling in love with Isola Procida.

    2. This is hard because there aren't that many. I would suggest

      I think it would be the best because of the food and the beautiful views. Afterwards, there is a nice town to stroll through.