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Apr 3, 2007 09:31 AM

Seeking Cheap Eats (NOT Fast Food) For Lunch in West Hills/Woodland Hills

I work near Topanga Canyon Blvd and Roscoe and am seeking to expand my lunchtime options as most of my current lunchtime choices offer dollar menus. I don't like to spend more than six or seven dollars per meal as it adds up pretty quickly. Places that I'm thinking of might be along the lines of Dan's Super Subs on Ventura (near Shoop) where I can get a great sub for $5, though it's kinda far so I have to bring it back to work and eat it there -- which is fine. I'd like to find some good chinese, thai, indian, and mexican places too. I'm really very quite open and varied in my food interests and for whatever reason have been hesitant to explore with places in the area... I got burned several times and was left hungry, so I'm just feeling out for some help here. I really would appreciate any recommendations in the area in ANY cuisine. I only have an hour for lunch (including travel time) so please keep that in mind. All help would be greatly appreciated!!! I'm already getting hungry...

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  1. i really like the fish at Snapper Jon's (on Ventura, west of Shoup a little ways by Topanga pizza). It's a very casual atmosphere, but i like it.

    I've also got Cavaretta's on my To-try list (it's on Sherman Way, off of Topanga Cyn) and have heard good things about it on the board, but can't personally vouch.

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      Snapper Jon's has shark tacos... SHARK TACOS! I don't have to say more, I'm already sold... and Cavaretta's sounds very very promising... I'll probably hit it up today! I'll let you know how it goes... thanks!!!!

      Incidentally, there's a place half a block past the WAMU on Sherman Way (heading away from Topanga). If anyone knows the place I'm thinking off, I've seen people in and out of there, (I feel like there's a green awning) I have no idea what it is, but I've meant to stop to check it out too... any insight on that place?

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        is that the gelato place? i can't quite recall, but there is a place with pretty decent gelato on the south side of sherman way east of Topanga. There's an awning and a delicate wrought-iron gate that leads into the building. I've forgotten the name of the place, though.

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        Hmmm, not sure you can get out of Snapper Jon's for under $10.

      3. For Indian, you are right by India Sweets & Spices on Sherman Way and Topanga. They have a snack counter where you can get lunch for less than $5. They have tables, or you can get the food to go. We eat there all the time. The parathas are great, or you can do a lunch plate with rice, vegetables, raita, etc.

        I also like Mission Burrito on Vanowen and Topanga. They have huge burritos - I like the carne asada and the salsa is good. An asada burrito and a drink will cost you about $6.

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        1. re: boogiebaby

          I have passed both of these places too... India Sweets & Spices is definitely on my list, and do you know if this Mission Burrito is affiliated with the Mission Burrito on Roscoe and Fallbrook? Cause I've been there a handful of times... I forget what I've had, but it can be pretty intense.

          1. re: FOODCORE

            Not too far from you on Topanga Canyon just below Lassen is Thai West. Thier lunch specials include soup or salad, rice and an entree. Very good quality for the price.

            9839 Topanga Canyon Boulevard, Chatsworth, CA 91311
            (818) 718-8548

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              The two Mission Burrito's are related; their is a third one on Kester in Van Nuys. I believed they are owned by the folks who own Sierra's in Woodland HIlls and San Fernando. The Mission Burrito mentioned above is actually at Vanowen and Canoga, not Topanga.

              1. re: godvls

                Well, it's on Vanowen, west of Canoga and east of Topanga. :) And yes, the same people own Sierra's too.

          2. Cavaretta's on Sherman Way just off Topanga Canyon. Call in ahead and they'll have your order ready. Haven't been in a while but used to like Thai West on Topanga.

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              I tried Cavaretta's today, got a Traditional Italian Sub and it was pretty good... I could've gone for more meat on the sandwich and maybe a bit of oil & vinegar, but definitely a good spot that will work it's way into my lunchtime rotation. I'm looking forward to hitting up some more of these recs. Keep 'em coming!

            2. FOODCORE -- 2 ideas:
              There are a few very good banh mi (Vietnamese) places on Sherman Way close to Reseda -- well worth the drive! Perhaps someone could post the specifics.

              Vallarta Market on Sherman Way (near Canoga?) and there is a brand new one (not yet complete) on Vanowen almost to Tampa) -- fun AND delicious!

              1. California Chicken Cafe on Ventura Blvd by Shoup: very good chicken, you can easily get out for under $7

                Sandwich Express in Reseda by Sherman Oaks before Reseda Blvd: very good 12 inch Vietnamese sandwiches for under $3.00 (yes, you read that correctly) It may take you a while to get there, but you can get there and back in under an hour.

                Poquito Mas on Ventura Blvd/De Soto: you might consider this fast food, but it's very good cooked-to-order Mexican with freshly made tortillas

                California Sushi & Roll at the Promenade Mall next to Uwink has bento boxs starting at $7.50 for teriyaki chicken/beef, veggie tempura, salad, miso soup, and rice. A little over your budget, but well worth it.

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                  Sandwich Express -- that's it! Thanks, WHills!

                  I know there are a couple of others in that same neighborhood (not thinking of BaLe at DeSoto and Sherman Way...although this is yet another option!), but we have tried a few and I think Sandwich Express is the best -- without trying to get to Westminster and back in an hour!