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Dinner with younger client

Looking for a good dinner reccommendation for a dinner with a younger client. Thinking about something fun/sceney but must have great food. A few that come to mind are Esca, Veritas, Alto, Blue hill, Craft, Cru, Megu, Kobe Club,Ouest, Telepan or Amelia (new). Any thoughts or suggestions?

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  1. I've only been to Telepan (my bad) - but I don't think it fits the fun/sceney bill.

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      Veritas and Blue Hill definitely do not fall into the fun/sceney category. And even though I haven't been to Alto, from what I've read about and heard from my daughter who has been there for a business dinner, it doesn't either.

      I have been to Amalia, and while we were there on a quiet Sunday evening when they had only been open for one week, I think it definitely has the makings of a fun/sceney place, i.e., large space with very attractive, hip decor, as well as delicious Mediterranean cuisine.

      If it helps any, Andrea Strong did a write-up last week. (Link below.) Not that I always agree with her, but she's always among the first to check out all the new, of-the-moment spots. She liked it, so this is a case where she and I agree.

      Edited to add: I accidentally skipped over Esca. Maybe that's because I'm not a fan. But even if I were, it definitely is not fun or scene-y.

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        i agree w/ RGR re: Esca...i'm not a fan either, and the atmosphere is not fun...

        i'd suggest Balthazar...

    2. I assume that "client" means corporate expense and price is not a concern.

      I will suggest eliminating these options first: Esca, Blue Hill, Kobe Club, Ouest.

      For me (judging from my own experience), I will choose from you list: Craft, Cru, Megu.

      If I were to throw in my own suggestions: L'Atelier de Joel Robuchon at Four Seasons, or Eleven Madison Park.

      I think those are the places with GREAT food, sceney, and will not disappoint your younger client.

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          I think the food at EMP is good but I don't think it qualifies as "sceney"

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            I have to disagree at little with my good friend Kobe. As much as I adore Eleven Madison, and as much as it is a restaurant "of the moment" because of Chef Humm's incredible cuisine, it's not a restaurant that comes to mind, at least to me, when the words "fun" and "scene-y" are used. While it's hardly stodgy, it's certainly not hip. So, what is there that qualfies it as "scene-y"? I can't think of a thing. In my view, it's a place where one finds serious food served in a beautiful room with an atmosphere that is low-key and extremely pleasant.

          2. agreed. i wouldn't put any of those as fun and sceney. you should try bond street, la esquina, stanton social, schiller's, pastis, koi, or mercer kitchen.

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              No offense, but i think all of the above can fit with "sceney" but not good food....

            2. Agreed -- forget about the choices above. I think you should take the client to Public and after that have a cocktail at Pravda. Of the Danny Meyer's, Eleven Madison Park is awesome, a little formal but very impressive and NY-ey. Also could go the West Village route and dine at Employees Only, or go to one of the more casual Mario Batali spots like Lupa. Last but not least, out-of-towners are always impressed with Spice Market.

              1. Hi musteatnow, one question for you which may actually lead to other suggestions: Are you planning to discuss any business at all during the dinner? A lot of the sceney place may be noisy and not appropriate for business dinner.

                1. For me, venue would depend a great deal on what kind of business you're in and what impression you're trying to convey. If you're in the music recording industry, where you go with a client might be very different from where you'd go if you're in, say, law or finance. You might also consider group dynamics. Is it just the two of you? For business, I would avoid going somewhere where, say, all of the other patrons are couples.

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                    Ditto that...venue totally depends on this.