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Apr 3, 2007 09:04 AM

West Indian Roti

Got back from a trip to Grenada last week and rushed over to Singh's in Dorchester to pretend I was still there. I was generally pleased with Singh's rotis as usual -- tender wrapper, good stewed goat, nicely spiced -- but many of the "fixins" were unavailable. No squash, no spinach, no green beans. This got me thinking that I need to sample some other local roti places. Aside from Singh's I'm only aware of Irie, also in Dorchester. Anyone have recommendations for other good roti around here?

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  1. I quite like Ali's Roti Restaurant in Rosi, but really have nothing to compare it to.

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      I've not tried the Ali's in Rosi, but have always prefered the one on Blue Hill Ave at Morton over the one on Tremont in the South End.

      Flames on Morton just off Blue Hill Ave has roti on the menu, but I've not tried them. This location is preferable to the one in Brigham Circle.

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        Ortanique in Cambridge - the Jamaican place - had a roti (though it may not be the same sort of thing) that was fantastic. Last time I was there I asked the owner if they still had it and he said they haven't been making it lately since "they couldn't find someone to make the roti" - he hoped they would be able to start again this summer.

        It was pretty darn good.

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          If I'm craving West Indian food, I'd go to Flames in Mattapan or one of my other spots. I didn't like their rice, chicken was dried out, etc. Some things are good enough, especially if you're in the neighborhood - and they are wonderful people - but I'd go to Flames or Pepper Pot or Irie or some other place if I really wanted the best the area has to offer.

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          Wait, there's a MENU there????? I thought you just listened to everyone else in line, then asked about fish, or whatever....I went for the forst time last week; LOVED it....wonderful onen fried King mackeral, ice and beams, wonderful cabbage, enough for two meals (for me!!) ten or 11 bucks...The clincher for the fish was fresh thyme in it....

      2. I live near this place and have been meaning to pay a visit, but I know very little about roti -- what's good, what to order, how to avoid making a fool of myself by saying something dumb. Could anyone be kind enough to provide a primer for the interested-but-timid?

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          Ali's Roti is very good and very authentic Trinidadian Roti. I will never forget the first time I had it, talk about making a fool out of oneself. A friend of mine ordered a chicken roti for me and it was nicely wrapped up so I bit into it like a burrito, broke a tooth because I didn't realize that it wasn't boneless. So a tip for beginners, if you are ordering chicken roti don't forget to order the boneless chicken.