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Apr 3, 2007 08:09 AM

Tofu Help


At Russo's they have this pre-cooked lighlty fried tofu. It's cut into triangles, low in fat and calories and it's packaged in a plastic container. It's produced locally but it's not organic and I really don't like eating soy product that is not organic.

Does anyone know where I could get the same type of product that is organic? This stuff is great b/c all you have ot do is heat it up and voila your tofu is done (I have a problem w/ cooking tofu - I just can't seem to do it). Any help would be appreciated.

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  1. I don't know where you could find pre-packaged fried tofu, but here's a great way to cook what you're looking for.

    Buy a block of extra-firm tofu. Wipe any excess moisture off with a paper towel, then wrap the tofu in two or three dry paper towels. Place the wrapped tofu on a plate, then place another plate on top of the tofu. Put a can (maybe 20 ozs or so) on top of the plate and let the force from the can push out moisture for a couple of hours (put the whole contraption in the fridge if you have room). This should leave the tofu nice and dry which is key.

    Cut the tofu into cubes then put the cubes in a big ziplock bag and toss them with corn starch (it doesn't matter how much corn starch you put in, the cubes will be dusted). Then fry the cubes in a hot frying pan with a enough oil to generously cover the pan. Turn the cubes over with tongues so they fry on each side and you're done. You could make a huge batch of this stuff relatively easily.

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      Thanks for the info... I will print this out and maybe try it again.. the last time wasn't pretty.. I don't know what I did but it wasn't edible:)

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        I follow these general instructions too, but I freeze the tofu after the pressing stage. The freezing process significantly changes/improves the texture of the tofu.

        Also, have you tried Pemberton Farms in N. Cambridge? They might carry something similar that's organic.

      2. While not fried, Whole Foods carries a couple of brands of baked tofu in their tofu section. White Wave and another brand, both of which are organic. The product is very dense, which I like. They come packed in a variety of seasoned sauces, which are usually pretty good. However, you can always wash off the sauce and then use (which I sometimes do). I agree, these are terrific and convenient...especially for a quick salad or even as a pizza topping!!

        1. Most Chinese markets have fried tofu, I know Super88 has a few varieties. They sell the locally made fresh tofu, not sure if the fried kind from there is what's for sale, and I don't know that you could expect "organic" (nor how you'd tell). Still, great stuff, and you don't have to do the cooking.