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Apr 3, 2007 07:48 AM

Who are the main wine writers in Chicago

I'm looking for the names of wine writers in Chicago.


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  1. Me, check my posts on the wine board :)

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    1. re: Chicago Mike

      Okay, where is the wine board located? Thanks.

    2. I'm told we really don't have any.


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      1. re: Lillian

        Keep in mind that Alpana Singh writes a fair amount about wine and is master sommelier...

      2. What about Bill Daley who writes for the Trib?

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        1. re: leek

          The Tribune has a food blog now at I know Bill Daley is listed as being active on there, I'm sure they'll have other wine folk.

        2. Bill Daley is the single stand-out newspaper writer. I prefer his articles to his blog, however.
          There are wine writers for magazines (covering the international wine scene) who are
          based in Chicago, but that may not be what you mean.