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Apr 3, 2007 07:32 AM

Peking Man Restaurant

Just looking for some recent reviews of Peking Man Restaurant (on Sheppard, west of Leslie). There was an ad in some North York newspaper which I remember reading that Monday and Tuesday nights are all you can eat for $12.99. Does anyone know if this is true and what food is available on these nights? Is there a special on each day of the week? I read the peking duck is pretty good here...does anyone know the price? Thank you.

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  1. I can only say I believe it's a special menu for the AYCE but a good variety of tasty items, best with a group so you can try a number of dishes, and you just keep ordering as you go--the dishes arrive at your table nicely paced out.

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      Thanks Wiley. I found the website and they have the All U Can Eat menus for Monday and Tuesday posted:

      Just wondering how the food tastes?

    2. I am curious how the food is as well. I was day dreaming on the GO Train yesterday and noticed it out the window on Sheppard and was wondering if it was any good.

      1. Whee! They deliver to my house! Do you know how long I've looked for a decent Chinese restaurant that will deliver to the Yonge/York Mills area? Can't wait to try them out.

        1. DH and I went a few years ago (about 3 times in total). The food was ok, in my opinion and yes, you order from a set menu. Portions are small though. Service was not the greatest. I don't know how it is now, but worth giving it a try. Please let me know how you enjoy it and what you had.

          Edited to add: I just checked their menu and it hasn't changed much at all. When we were there, it was only $10 each.

          1. i enjoy the peking duck at this place. and the crispy scallion pancakes are yummy (have yet to find another chinese restaurant that makes them the same way!).

            the few times i've eaten there in the past couple of years, i've tended to order the same things (including those i just mentioned), and haven't had any of the food offered for the 'all you can eat' deal.