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Apr 3, 2007 06:05 AM

You You Sushi in Nashua?

g/f is now working off rte 3 (exit 6) in Nashua. she's heard that You You Sushi is pretty good but i can find no postings here. anyone have any experience here?

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  1. It was menioned in this thread and others about sushi in general.

    I still haven't gone but went recently to the Red Leaf in Nashua - OMG Excellent!! I did a recent review.

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    1. re: lexpatti

      I like the food but the service stinks so I haven't gone since Takumi opened.

    2. I like it--never had a problem with the service. The sushi is good, but they also feature Korean, Thai, and other Asian dishes. The bibimbap is delicious and the Thai green curry is fantastic if you like authentic HOT and SPICY.

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        1. re: ScubaSteve

          We were very regular guests for a long time when my b/f worked in the area. We were usually very happy and enjoyed sushi and whs is right... the bibimbap is good. One of the good things about You You is the variety of food available.We felt the service could sometimes be very slow. On our last few visits, we were underwhelmed by the quality of fish and disappointed by the expensive but unimpressive recommendations from the owner.

          Having said that, I believe if we still frequented the area, we would visit fairly regularly.

          Steve, I believe you will like You You compared to say... Inaka.

      1. I find the service to be sub par. Seriously. For sushi in that area, I would go to takumi on DW Hwy.

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        1. re: edinaeats

          wasn't really impressed with Takumi my last 2 times there. no toro, no uni and the hamachi was def 'off.'

          1. re: ScubaSteve

            Steve, on another post you mentioned fresh uni compared to that in the tray. Where are you getting that? I'm usually happy with the uni in the tray with quail egg...but if I can get something even better??!!

            1. re: merrvally

              during uni season (fall-early spring?) the sea urchins are shipped whole and alive. the sushi chef will (hopefully in front of you) open the shell and gently remove the roe sacks then clean out the rest of the shell. in most preparations a martini glass is half filled with ice then the empty shell (sometimes trimming of the longer quills is required) is placed on top of the ice and then also filled with ice. the fresh (live) eggs and then gently placed on shiso leaves and presented. the kick with this is that if the sushi chef is really good then this all happens VERY quickly and when presented the quills will still be moving (slightly) and make a crunching noise against the ice.
              the uni itself is so far superior in taste (no sea mud flavor) and texture (very firm and an almost caviar like pop in the mouth) that once you have had this preparation you will seek it out.
              oh, and this dish ain't cheap.

              1. re: ScubaSteve

                what matter price ! Where have you had it?

                1. re: merrvally

                  Fugakyu in Brookline. search it on the Boston Board and you should see a recent review of mine.

                  i have also heard that Oiishi (Boston) has had it.

                  either way, best to call ahead if that is what Ur after.

                  1. re: ScubaSteve

                    I don't think you will find this at Red Leaf or any other sushi place in New Hampshire unless you cultivate the sushi master and make it a question of honor for him to serve it. I've only seen it served from the tray, as you described.