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Thomas' toaster cakes where are they in CT?

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Hi! I've been craving Thomas' Toaster Cakes (from the English Muffin company) and can't find them at my local Stop and Shop in Hartford, CT. I googled the company and according to their site they seem to still sell the corn variety (that'll do but I prefer blueberry). Has anyone seen them around? Where? Near the bread and other toaster friendly products?

I bought some awful frozen HoJo's "toastee" cakes (or something like that) recently and though they claim to be the "original" they were pretty terrible.


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  1. I buy them at Stop and Shop in Madison, CT ---so they do carry them. Ask the grocery manager at your store to put in an order!

    1. Shop Rite in Meriden had them-give a call.
      Stop and Shop here in Hamden also.
      Shaw's too in Hamden and Wallingford.
      I Love 'em too!!
      With Apricot or seedless Raspberry Trappist Jam.... mmmmmmmmm drool

      1. I have been craving the bran version of those, which I haven't had in probably 30 years...do they still exist, and if not, has anyone ever tried to recreate them at home? I would love a recipe...

        1. according to their website, Geissler's in both Bloomfield & Granby carry them.

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            I have seen them at Big Y in East Hartford

          2. Stop & Shop in Old Saybrook carries the corn version