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Apr 3, 2007 03:17 AM

Thomas' toaster cakes where are they in CT?

Hi! I've been craving Thomas' Toaster Cakes (from the English Muffin company) and can't find them at my local Stop and Shop in Hartford, CT. I googled the company and according to their site they seem to still sell the corn variety (that'll do but I prefer blueberry). Has anyone seen them around? Where? Near the bread and other toaster friendly products?

I bought some awful frozen HoJo's "toastee" cakes (or something like that) recently and though they claim to be the "original" they were pretty terrible.


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  1. I buy them at Stop and Shop in Madison, CT ---so they do carry them. Ask the grocery manager at your store to put in an order!

    1. Shop Rite in Meriden had them-give a call.
      Stop and Shop here in Hamden also.
      Shaw's too in Hamden and Wallingford.
      I Love 'em too!!
      With Apricot or seedless Raspberry Trappist Jam.... mmmmmmmmm drool

      1. I have been craving the bran version of those, which I haven't had in probably 30 they still exist, and if not, has anyone ever tried to recreate them at home? I would love a recipe...

        1. according to their website, Geissler's in both Bloomfield & Granby carry them.

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            I have seen them at Big Y in East Hartford

          2. Stop & Shop in Old Saybrook carries the corn version