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Apr 3, 2007 12:05 AM

Best Tasting Menus in SF?

Any recommendations on SF restaurants with the best tasting menus? For the life of me, can't seem to get a reservation at The French Laundry. So in the meantime, I'm focusing on alternative fine dining options here in the city. Basically, I'm looking for restaurants with amazing tasting menus that would be comparable to FL (in quality and price). A friend recommended Michael Mina ... anyone have thoughts on "The Cookbook" tasting menu? Is it worth it, compared to the Seasonal & Classics option?

Or any suggestions besides MM?

Thanks in advance!

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  1. For elegant Italian food, Acquerello (Sacramento St. SF) has a very good tasting menu at $110. HIghly recommended.

    1. I have not been to Ame yet, I wonder if their tasting menu is the way to go, maybe someone can comment on this.

      1. Brick has an innovative yet approachable and delicious menu. They don't offer a tasting menu, but I still recommend them as a stop during your trip. In fact, the chef might even make a tasting menu if you ask (and they're not too busy.)

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            Thanks all for the suggestions! ... and thanks for the links. All very helpful indeed.

          2. I like pasta, and I like Quince's pasta, so I'd pick Quince's pasta tasting menu. I don't think you can do it with a party of 2, but a party of 4 or 6 should definitely be able to do it.

            My boyfriend had the Ritz' Salt and Pepper tasting menu and wasn't particularly thrilled. He did not think it stood up to either the tasting menu we had at Fleur de Lys or TFL. He really enjoyed the pasta tasting menu at Quince but unfortunately I haven't had it yet.

            We cook a lot, so we really value preparations that include subtle saucing and masterful treatment of food texture which is something we've found at Oliveto and Quince. I got the sense the Ritz' Salt and Pepper menu was more about obscure ingredients and surprising combinations than working them into a cohesive and pleasing whole through good technique.

            We didn't have the tasting menu at Acquerello, which may have been the problem, but we just weren't thrilled with the food we ordered a la carte. We'll go to Incanto or Quince over Acquerello every time. Your mileage may vary, because we were definitely treated as the young inconsequential customers: we were seated near a particularly idiotic young couple under the care of a young and not very good waitress, instead of in the "grownup" area of the restaurant with the better server and people who weren't making up excuses to send dishes back.

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              Just a reminder that there are multiple tasting menus at The Ritz and this is the first report that th salt and pepper menu was less than great. Frankly the S&P menu seems set. I would go with the tasting menu where the chef is being creative that night.