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Apr 2, 2007 10:25 PM

Best Steak in Los Angeles?

So it's my Dad's 55th bday. I am taking him to Steak dinner on Sat. I've done some research, and these are the choices I am thinking, any other suggestions?

Arroyo Chop House
Mastro's (couldn't find prices for this one, is it any more expensive then the above 3?)

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  1. Ruth Chris, S. Beverly Drive in Beverly Hills, has reliably great steak. Very Dad friendly. $200 easy for steaks, sides, wine, dessert. Maybe even $250.

    Taylor's on 8th in Korea Town has pretty good steak...good enough for most people...and is comfy red-booth grown up. Much less in $120 for 2 with food, wine, dessert, after-dinner drinks.

    Boa: The food is pretty good (not great), but the ambiance is very young models-puking-in-the-bathroom.

    Cut is the newest, coolest... but hard to get in (so maybe not so Dad friendly...I dunnno, I have not been able to get in).

    I know nothing about Arroyo and Mastro's.

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      I agree with ecaitlin, Taylor's on 8th in Korea Town is good and "Dad friendly". Havn't been to any of the places in the original post but Taylors is worth a try.

    2. For an older man, who you want to pamper with the kind of ambience he may be looking for (you know him the best), consider Mortons or Pacific Dining car. Great food and special service at both...Happy Birthday! Taylor's is a better bargain, but I have had troulbe with consistency there. Like ecaitin, I know nothing about Mastro's or Arroyo.

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        I second Pacific Dining Car. If I could take my dad, It would be there. Taylors is great, was there this weekend, but not as nice as PDC

      2. Boa-- my husband the steak lover picked it for his 39th birthday. I was suprised by how good it was
        Cut-- delicious and a very hard table to get. We ate there in November-- it was great!
        also, you can order off the menu at Sidebar, the bar across the lobby-- we did that for Valentine's Day
        Mastro's- very good. Upstairs is a scene. Downstairs is quieter.
        Haven't been to arroyo chop house. CUT would be my first choice-- it is new, the menu is interesting, the space is cool and the service was very good.

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          Could someone list the addresses for:


          I would like to try these spots.

          Thank you,


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            Boa is in the Grafton hotel at 8462 Sunset Blvd. in weho, 323.650.8383 while Cut is in the Regent Beverly Wilshire Hotel on Wilshire in Beverly Hills. Hotel # is 310.275.5200 I believe.

            Arroyo Chop House is a very good steak, meat and seafood option, on Arroyo Parkway in Pasadena while Vibrato on Beverly Glen just below Mulholland Drive in Bel Air is its west side version with a jazz component added. Both have very good food in very masculine settings. Dad would do fine in either venue.

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              There are two locations for BOA, one in Hollywood and another in Santa Monica. See website:

              Cut is in Beverly Hills. See website:

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                The Boa in Santa Monica is probably more dad-friendly.

          2. Mastro's is my favorite place for steak; I have always found their steak wonderful.

            The waygu at Cut is amazing, a total revelation in steak, every bite pulsating with juice and flavor, but I preferred Mastro's steaks to their American steaks.

            Ruth's Chris is nowhere in the same league as either. Nor is Taylor's, though it's a fun enough spot.

            1. my favorite from you list would be: mastro's, arroyo and boa...never been to cut. unless your dad like very trendy place, i would skip boa, been there few times and don't really get it.
              also old school steakhouse that i like is dal rae