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Best Steak in Los Angeles?

So it's my Dad's 55th bday. I am taking him to Steak dinner on Sat. I've done some research, and these are the choices I am thinking, any other suggestions?

Arroyo Chop House
Mastro's (couldn't find prices for this one, is it any more expensive then the above 3?)

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  1. Ruth Chris, S. Beverly Drive in Beverly Hills, has reliably great steak. Very Dad friendly. $200 easy for steaks, sides, wine, dessert. Maybe even $250.

    Taylor's on 8th in Korea Town has pretty good steak...good enough for most people...and is comfy red-booth grown up. Much less expensive...as in $120 for 2 with food, wine, dessert, after-dinner drinks.

    Boa: The food is pretty good (not great), but the ambiance is very young models-puking-in-the-bathroom.

    Cut is the newest, coolest... but hard to get in (so maybe not so Dad friendly...I dunnno, I have not been able to get in).

    I know nothing about Arroyo and Mastro's.

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      I agree with ecaitlin, Taylor's on 8th in Korea Town is good and "Dad friendly". Havn't been to any of the places in the original post but Taylors is worth a try.

    2. For an older man, who you want to pamper with the kind of ambience he may be looking for (you know him the best), consider Mortons or Pacific Dining car. Great food and special service at both...Happy Birthday! Taylor's is a better bargain, but I have had troulbe with consistency there. Like ecaitin, I know nothing about Mastro's or Arroyo.

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        I second Pacific Dining Car. If I could take my dad, It would be there. Taylors is great, was there this weekend, but not as nice as PDC

      2. Boa-- my husband the steak lover picked it for his 39th birthday. I was suprised by how good it was
        Cut-- delicious and a very hard table to get. We ate there in November-- it was great!
        also, you can order off the menu at Sidebar, the bar across the lobby-- we did that for Valentine's Day
        Mastro's- very good. Upstairs is a scene. Downstairs is quieter.
        Haven't been to arroyo chop house. CUT would be my first choice-- it is new, the menu is interesting, the space is cool and the service was very good.

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          Could someone list the addresses for:


          I would like to try these spots.

          Thank you,


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            Boa is in the Grafton hotel at 8462 Sunset Blvd. in weho, 323.650.8383 while Cut is in the Regent Beverly Wilshire Hotel on Wilshire in Beverly Hills. Hotel # is 310.275.5200 I believe.

            Arroyo Chop House is a very good steak, meat and seafood option, on Arroyo Parkway in Pasadena while Vibrato on Beverly Glen just below Mulholland Drive in Bel Air is its west side version with a jazz component added. Both have very good food in very masculine settings. Dad would do fine in either venue.

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              There are two locations for BOA, one in Hollywood and another in Santa Monica. See website: http://www.boasteak.com/balboa/

              Cut is in Beverly Hills. See website: http://www.wolfgangpuck.com/restauran...

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                The Boa in Santa Monica is probably more dad-friendly.

          2. Mastro's is my favorite place for steak; I have always found their steak wonderful.

            The waygu at Cut is amazing, a total revelation in steak, every bite pulsating with juice and flavor, but I preferred Mastro's steaks to their American steaks.

            Ruth's Chris is nowhere in the same league as either. Nor is Taylor's, though it's a fun enough spot.

            1. my favorite from you list would be: mastro's, arroyo and boa...never been to cut. unless your dad like very trendy place, i would skip boa, been there few times and don't really get it.
              also old school steakhouse that i like is dal rae

              1. Just to update. My Dad is 55, but he's not an old man. They can appreciate a hip place. And also love wine, which is why I was considering Arroyo Chop House in South Pasadena. I heard they have an amazing wine list. But I am leaning towards Mastro or Cut (if I can get a table on a Sat night)

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                  Mastro's is hands down the best steak I've ever had, is served still sizzling, juicy on a 400-degree plate. yummmmmmmmm That said, I have not tried Cut or Arroyo. Boa I thought was just okay.

                  Mastro's is pretty pricey, but from what I've seen of Cut's menu, their prices are pretty similar. Except that I don't think at Mastro's they nickel-and-dime you like at Cut, which charges extra for sauces. If you or your dad might be into the exotic steaks, like $120 wagyu/kobe then definitely go for Cut. Mastro's does not offer these.

                  Oh and I second the above opinion that the upstairs at Mastro's is pretty loud and downstairs is quieter. Upstairs can be fun though, and they often have live jazz/piano/singing.

                  I was going to recommend you also consider Arnie Morton's (the downtown location only). Their steak comes very close to Mastro's in my book and has the best service ever. Very classy place. But it may be a bit too snoozy of a place for your somewhat hip dad :)

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                    I've heard only wonderful things about Mastro's and i'm told you have to ask for lobster mashed potatoes with your steak! Enjoy, wherever you go!

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                      Arroyo Chop House is actually in Pasadena, not South Pas. Pretty good in my opinion...

                      Mastro's is also good...definitely more expensive than Arroyo Chop House, and the tables are veryclose together (at least upstairs)...

                    2. Certainly not a "traditional" steakhouse by any means, but the Bistecca alla Fiorentina at Pane e Vino is absolutely delicious. The last time we were there, we had a bone-in cut for two that was so flavorful and cooked perfectly to our specifications.

                      8265 Beverly Blvd
                      Los Angeles, CA 90048
                      (323) 651-4600

                      Mastro's is fine, but I'm not a fan of the rub they put on their steaks and ask them to cook without. I like their prime rib over their steaks--again, without the rub. But their martinis are so strong and delicous, more often than not, I forget to specify that I want it sans rub.

                      Boa is good too, but nothing extraordinary.

                      Cut, on the other hand, is very good but rather difficult to get a reservation for any time after 6:30. Splurged on the Kobe and couldn't eat more than a fourth as it was too rich for me. Ended up sharing with my dinner companions. I'm a rib-eye gal all the way but, to my surprise, I found the bone-in New York to be superior to the bone-in rib-eye.

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                        1. re: David Kahn

                          My favorite is the Rib Eye at Angelini Osteria. I was told right before they serve it to you they put it in the wood burning oven for a carmelization...it is amazing..

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                            Taylor's Steakhouse is great. It's a whole experience. This place is an anomally because of where it's located. It's right on the cusp of Koreatown but it's also bordered by an area that's infused with Mexicans from D.F. and Salvadoreans. There's a whole street vendor scene across the street that's almost carnivalesque esp. on the weekends. But then you walk into Taylor's and you get older couples, government business types and the occasional young couple out for a steak and a stiff drink. I always enjoy the whole feel and experience of the this old soul of a place.

                      1. I see nobody mentioned Morton's on this discussion on steak. Does that mean that this place is awful??? The last time I went (Burbank) it was o.k. but it wasn't spectacular. The service was bad. I had a $10.00 plate of wilted lettuce that lacked any flavor. Although their prices are pretty out ther!

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                          went to morton in downtown last week and guess what....it was very good. i never did care too much for morton's but this time around it was actually very good.

                        2. If it is my birthday, I would definitely go to CUT or MASTRO'S (surf n' turf - see Liskypisky above). I LOVE both places. But, good luck getting a table on Saturday night! Coincidentally, we are celebrating my mom-in-law's 90th birthday this month. Her choice is Ruth's Chris in BH. Nothing fancy but very reliable.

                          If your dad appreciates fine wine, consider bringing your own and pay corkage fee. Colnsidering the margin on wine price, it is definitely worth to BYOB. I understand that common etiquette is that if you bring one bottle, buy one from their wine list. From our experience, a fine establishment would comp you the corkage fee (but always check ahead).

                          Let us know where you end up going. Happy Birthday, Dad!

                          1. Well, as a 55 year old man who likes being taken out by his daughters, let me just settle this right now ... I've been to Boa (Santa Monica version), Morton's (downtown), Ruth's Chris, and Mastro's. Not a bad experience in the bunch, but the one I'd be most desirous of revisiting is Mastro's. It just seems to get the whole "steak house" vibe right - lights (dim), barware (heavy), cocktails (strong), music (appropriate for men of a certain age ...), service (professional, sensitive to the mood / needs of the table), wine list (possible to go to extremes, not necessary to do so). None of which would matter if the food was not top quality, but it most certainly is.
                            Disclaimer: Opionions seem to vary on how old a 55 year-old I am. Hippness quotient not recently calculated.
                            Further disclaimer: The pleasure of a meal with one's child(ren) is never dependent upon the quality of the food or the place it is served. He'll be happy with any choice you make. THIS I'm very confident asserting.

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                            1. re: budgetrick

                              Yeah, Mastro's and Cut is booked for that night. So my options are getting limited.

                                1. re: New Trial

                                  OK, so I got in at Jar. for 7:45. But how does it compare to Nick and Stephs. Has anyone eaten at both?

                                  1. re: mattyshack

                                    I've eaten at both. Thought Nick and Stefs was good, not great. And ambiance is bland. Jar has very cool decor and a hip though slightly older crowd. Can get a little loud though. Jar's food is excellent. Not the most otherworldly steak I've ever eaten, but very solid. The best steak I've ever had was actually the bone-in ribeye at Boa on Sunset. But definitely recommend Jar over N&S's. Jar's wine list is fairly top shelf, though.

                                    1. re: mattyshack

                                      I've been to both. I thought Nick and Stef's was average, and considering the prices, it's not a place I'll return to. The steak was fine, the sides just ok, and the service not very attentive. Jar on the other hand was great. The steaks were fabulous, interesting appetizers (I had the squash blossoms stuffed with lobester, Mr. Writergirl had the BLT salad with some of the best tomatoes I've had) and the service very good. The sommelier is helpful with picking wines, and gives choices in a variety of price ranges. I also like the decor, kind of a mid-century modern look.

                                2. re: budgetrick

                                  Nice post, thanks. Good disclaimed advice to the OP at the end, especially. I, for one, appreciate wise much more than hip these days.

                                  FWIW, my inlaws are steak freaks and have been to all places mentioned in this post, except for cut. They love Flemings best, though it is in Woodland Hills. I haven't been, so I can't vouch, but I trust their taste.

                                  My father in law did enjoy Jar, and he generally goes for more of a dark, wood paneled space. But even after all of the posts claiming so and my having been to loud restaurants, Jar was surprsingly loud.

                                  1. re: CulverJack

                                    i like jar too, but noise level sometime is little too overpowering if you are trying to have conversation

                                  2. re: budgetrick

                                    Nice post. Made me laugh too. Every time I've been to Mastro's in BH, there's several middle-aged-to-older men escorted by very young, very made-up, very skimpily dressed women, and I always crack wise about how it's nice to see guys taking their daughters/granddaughters out to dinner, etc. Apparently, however, that is at least occasionally actually the case (or vice-versa).

                                    1. re: David Kahn

                                      I believe that in the trade they are termed "nieces".

                                  3. My vote's for Mastro's

                                    Best steak, good sides, and a sea food tower that amazes me every time I have it. I have yet to not nearly kill myself by putting a mg too much atomic horseradish, yet it makes the meal every time.

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                                      Mastro's gets my vote too! I've taken clients born & raised on Midwest beef and they agree the quality is top-notch.

                                      Ruth's Chris & Mortons are very reliable chains, but I think their beef is wet-aged? (I could be wrong)

                                      Stay away from BOA unless your dad is on the prowl for a 20-something hottie. The last time I went there with my friend's uncle, all he did was complain about the noise level, high prices & attitude from the servers.

                                    2. Been to both Cut and Mastro's. Both are fun-- they both are slightly a scene, Cut more celebrity-driven. Deliciou sides and Cut's non-steak entrees are delicious, and dane the sommelier is excellent. However-- if you are planning to go Saturday - two nights from now-- and haven't made a reservation yet for either , you might as well cross both off your list.

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                                      1. re: neverskipsameal

                                        Yeah, those are off my list, thanks! So it sounds like Jar is better than Nick and Stephs. The comments on Citysearch seem to back that up too.

                                        1. re: mattyshack

                                          It depends on where you live but keep in mind that Mastro's opened a new location in Westlake Village not too long ago, it might be an option for you.

                                      2. Seems not too many people make it out to Pasadena to go to the Arroyo Chop House, which is a beautiful restaurant, very much old school (I mean they call it a "Chophouse"), but still stylish, hip without being flashy, with great 6 week aged beef, and an impressive wine list. It's were I take my father for his birthday(can't get him to go to any other steakhouse), and generally my prfered steakhouse destination. Also because Pasadena is less popular you can still get a reservation for Saturday night unlike Cut and Mastro (which is a very good as well).
                                        I'm personally not fond of Boa.

                                        1. I agree with budgetrick - ANYPLACE you take your Dad - spending time with him - well - that"s often better than a good meal (SIT-down hounds!). I suggest Mastros or Jar. If you haven't been to either place and have the time - drop by for a drink and check the vibe.
                                          Also, I'll throw in another place - Musso & Frank. We dropped by there the other day and the steak - grilled in front of us - was VERY tasty - and cocktails? - well the martini's rock.

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                                          1. re: barrider

                                            How was the steak grilled in front of you at Musso's?

                                            1. re: Griller141

                                              If you sit in the Old Room at M&F, the counter seats face the grill where they make the steaks and chops. A delicious sight to behold!

                                          2. Also as a 50-something Dad, I have to say that when you consider the whole experience - the hassle factor, the reservation availability, and the simple things like arms on the chairs, reasonable table spacing, and noise level - I keep coming back to Arroyo Chop House.
                                            I have had better steaks at Mastro's, more interesting sauces at Nick and Steph's, and an occasional great steak at Arnie Morton's (WLA is by far the best venue). Ruth's Chris is a joke IMHO - how sad is a lonely, brightly lit, butter drenched piece of meat on a small white plate? Taylor's is for those with a major sense of the nostalgic and the Pacific Dining Car is acceptable only after 11 pm when there is nothing else.
                                            ACH delevers more consistently as a whole package. We have (almost) never left there after a special occasion wishing it had been something more (or in the case of Mastro's, less - noise and people). You can go wrong on a bad night at ACH, but if you go when there is no huge function (you can tell by reserving a table in the Arroyo Room - if there is a table available there, there is no ten thousand dollar drug comapny function that will vacuum all the energy out of the service and kitchen), it delivers the elegance, food, alcohol, and service of a class steak house.

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                                              And if you did not want to venture to Pasadena for the ChopHouse, its brother is Vibrato on Beverly Glen, just south of Mulholland, in Bel Air. Operated by the Smith Brothers, as is ACH, yet owned by Herb Alpert. Never know who you might be hearing in the music category on any given evening.
                                              And the food is just as good, the menu very overlapping, etc. Love the ambiance, including balcony, fireplace, nice bar, more sedate crowd than the Mastro's "scene", yet hardly sedate, relatively.

                                              1. re: carter

                                                Wow! I think he would have loved the live Jazz aspect of Vibrato, unfortunately its booked solid for most of the night. But I will for sure be checking that place out!

                                            2. Abby, at Pleasure Palate did The Great Steak Challenge last year. It was Taylor's Steak House, Jar, Dakota, Mastro's and Dal Rae in Pico Rivera. Cut is still to be arranged. So far, Dal Rae is the favorite, even over Mastro's.

                                              1. Lucques has a terrific steak for two, served with an arugula salad and pureed potatoes. (And, not that you would do this for your dad's birthday, but you can also get a fantastic steak frites at the bar.) Have fun!


                                                1. Lots of great posts here, and I agree with most. I just wanted to throw in a Rec for Arroyo. Mastro's is good, but the tables are very close together and when it is crowded, it can be a little claustrophobic, at least in the sections where I have been seated. Arroyo is beautiful and comfortable. I liked Jar both times I went, so you will have a good meal there, I just think for a classic steakhouse experience, Arroyo is better. Don't miss the BBQ Shrimp Appetizer and the garlic bread, if you go.

                                                  I have not been a huge fan of Nick and Stef's both times I dined there. Not bad at all, just not on the level of others in that price range in town. I am a huge, huge fan of Taylor's. Not the best steak in the city, but the food is very good, particularly for the price and if you get a booth downstairs, the ambience cannot be beat. (The same goes for Musso and Frank's.) I loved Cut the one time I went, early on, before it apparently became so hard to get in.

                                                  1. i've only been to BOA's in vegas and it was pretty good, but i think i prefer the arroyo chop house. GREAT steaks

                                                    1. Who has the best steak in Orange County hands down?

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                                                      1. re: bernardo

                                                        Mastro's in Costa Msea would be in the running.

                                                        1. re: SauceSupreme

                                                          Thanks, and the best value high quality steak in OC & LA?

                                                      2. get the porterhouse for two at table 8. best steak i've had in l.a. (countrywide, second only to luger's.) call ahead to order, it's not on the menu.

                                                        1. I've been to the BOA in West Hollywood, good not great. The Morton's in Costa Mesa was nothing spectacular, I would prefer Ruth's Chris over Morton's (easy butter though). I would stay away from Turner's, not much flavor and very over priced. I hear Mastro's is very good. One of the better places that I have been to is Duane's in the Mission Inn. LG's is also very good I hear, but it's in the desert. For the price, Fleming's is a good choice too.

                                                          1. Arroyo Chop House is nice, corporate feeling, but nice. For a smaller more intimate (and cheaper meal) I would suggest Farfalla on Hillhurst in Los Feliz. Great steaks, great wine, the bread and olive oil are out-of-this-world, and it's not too hip that your dad would feel out of place.

                                                            1. So I did end up going to Nick and Stephs in downtown. Here's an expert from my full review at http://diglounge.net/?p=130

                                                              For dinner on Saturday night we went to Nick and Steph’s Steakhouse in the Wells Fargo building in downtown. We experienced probably some of the best service in a restaurant that I have had in quite some time. Our waitress, Light (yes, her name was Light), was friendly, knowledgeable, helpful, and attentive but not annoying. The highlights of the night were the Caesar salad, freshly prepared table side, pumpkin & butternut squash hash, and the homemade chocolate sorbet.

                                                              The dry aged steaks and side sauces were very good with lots of flavor. We had some problems with the steaks being over cooked. We even had to send back Corinne’s filet a third time before they got it right. I almost never send food back, but when you pay $40 for a steak, you want it cooked perfectly. They gave us free deserts, free sides, and a bottle of free wine for the inconvenience. The server and manager was very accommodating and apologetic. It really made me forgot about the problems and just enjoy the meal.

                                                              1. I will second or third Pacific Dining Car. The service has old-fashioned excellencey (did I just use that word?). The steaks are dry-aged by their own butcher. The food is cooked on coals. The atmosphere is more about maintaining the original restaurant, than anything else, but it's generally quiet. The steaks are like butter and melt in your mouth. I've not had better steaks for twice, thrice the price. The lobster is actually as good as the steaks. Nothing I've had at this restaurant was not, uncannily enough, absolutely perfect. Even the breakfasts.

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                                                                1. re: fergusmccool

                                                                  I was really impressed with melt in my mouth meat at Mastro's but more importantly - I was a first time guest and they treated me like a frequent customer. The side dishes were a little to buttery but excellent none the less. I thought all the wines would be overpriced - but was pleasantly surprised to find quite a few in And ''well-priced' (for a restaurant of this caliber) but still not cheap - a few of good bottles in the $50 range

                                                                  This was many cuts above my less then my bland and leathery steak at Taylors where the food and service was a huge disappointment.
                                                                  Time to try some of the other suggestions on the board.

                                                                  1. re: whycook

                                                                    There is pretty much NOWHERE that serves a good steak in LA. All of the steakhouses use low quality (high end beef). I've eating everywhere from Morton's to Mastro's, Dal Rae to The Cut, in search of LA's best steak. And I've actually found better beef at non-steakhouses, than actual big LA Steakhouses.

                                                                    All of the above mentioned served mid-western US Certified Angus. Other than the Cut, probably the best of the afor-mentioned. I'm a Wagyu man, and will always go and search it out if I can. And when I say Wagyu, I mean Wagyu, not "American Kobe Beef" which is an Angus cross-bred with a Japanese Wagyu. The flavor profiles are insanely different. I hate to come accross as an ass for alot of people's recommendations, but I've eating beef from Italy to Kobe, and LA just isn't a quality beef city. The best steak I ate in recent memory was at Abode in SM, and they claim to have the Masami pure Wagyu.

                                                                    1. re: Big C

                                                                      Actually the better steakhouses on this list do in fact use USDA Prime cuts. "Angus" labeling is mostly marketing hype. I find a properly dry-aged, bone-in cut of a good Prime cut make for the best steaks. I've had steak in Japan and Europe as well and find Wagyu is too rich and bland to make a good US-style steak entree.

                                                                      Mastro's are good but they are wet aged. I haven't been to Cut yet for their dry-aged selection, so until then LG Prime in Palm Desert is my favorite for best steak on the west coast.

                                                                      1. re: Big C

                                                                        No good steak at all in L.A.? Not even on my own grill? This is totally depressing. I wish we could be as good as other places. I wish I could be as good as other people in other places. So sad. Now, I need a nap. Is this one of those, only the best is good, and everything else is crap things?