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Apr 2, 2007 10:16 PM

chuletas recipe

I am looking for a great recipe for chuletas - the braised falling off the bone recipe.

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  1. 'chuletas' - Spanish for pork chops. Do you have something more specific in mind?

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    1. re: paulj

      looking for something in a sauce of some sort with mexican flavors...

    2. This is still hard because you could do these with any of the Mexican master sauces, there really is no *rule.* For Example - a Oaxacan friend got me into using beef ribs: Costillas de Vaca en Pepian (in a peanut and pumpkin seed mole). Put these on top of some rice and them Eyes are rolling back.

      What kind of sauce to you like, green, red, moles, seed thickened etc...

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        that sounds amazing!! i like all you mentioned, I,m sure - I was hoping to find something like chops braised in a red sauce - i have tried several times using tomatoes, roasted poblanos, garlic, onion, oregano - but the end result is never that falling off the bone tender - obviously i am either over or undercooking or choosing the wrong cut of pork -

        1. re: howchow

          This is really a pork braising issue, as opposed to a Mexican cooking one. Pork chops are pretty lean (except for an outer layer of fat), so usually require quick cooking. But this doesn't soften the connective tissue that lines the bone. That tissue needs to cook at 180-200 deg for at least half an hour. That's the idea behind braising, and slow cooked BBQ. Look at threads for 'Zuni porchetta'.

          Ribs with a higher ratio of bone and connective tissue to lean fair better with long slow cooking. Pork butt is also a favorite. I often use 'country ribs', which are butt cut into long oblong pieces, and usually inexpensive.

          If you cook in a well sealed pan, or wrapped in foil, you don't need a lot of extra liquid; just enough to season the meat. The meat will generate its own juices.

          How about this: get some country ribs, with bone. Place in a large sheet of foil, top with your flavorings, salt, garlic, onion, oregano, poblano strips, or torn pieces of ancho, or ground ancho. Wrap tightly, and bake for at least 2 hrs at 300 deg.


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            thanks paulj!! that was some helpful info - will try it.