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Cookies as Thank You gift???

I want to buy my organic chemistry professor some cookies as a thank you for writing me a recommendation letter for medical school. I want to have them delivered to his office. I've heard of Snookie's Cookies but have never tried them. What do you think??? Do CH'ers have any other suggestions???

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  1. How about miniature / bite-sized cheesecakes?


    I received a box a while back and was very pleasantly surprised.

    1. I tried Snookies Cookies at a Halloween party last year. They were very good. Their website does say they specialize in delivery. I would check them out.


      I think nyfoodjoe's idea of baking your own cookies is also good, if you have the time.

      The mini cheesecakes that ipsedixit mentions also seem really neat.

      If your prof likes chocolate covered strawberries, Shari's Berries does a nice gift box, although they end up being quite expensive for what they are. Their berries are really big and good.


      1. I'll throw in a nod for Deluscious Cookies that can be delivered w/ milk as well.

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          i've had deluscious delivered as well and have found them to be beautifully packaged and delicious!

        2. Snookies Cookies are awesome. I wuv them.

          1. I would highly suggest Isabella's cookies. They have a great variety of flavors, and the packaging and delivery service are excellent. I think you would be very satisfied. Check out their website

            1. It isn't a local place, but I recently ordered some cookies from One Girl Cookies located in NY for my husband for our anniversary (delivered to his office in downtown LA). He brought home some of the left overs and they sure were good and beautifully packaged. Highly recommend them... www.onegirlcookies.com

              1. My favorite sweet treat to send as a gift (other than my own homemade) is Chewy's Rugulach. They are so delicious it's hard to believe someone's Bubbe didn't make them. In fact, we all wish our grandmothers were such good bakers. You'll find them at god ole' www chewys dot com

                1. Since I don't really know this professor (not KNOW him, know him anyway), I have neither the time nor inclination to actually bake him anything, but I do want to show my gratitude. I think it's necessary to go with something traditional since I am unaware of his personal idiosyncrasies and tastes. Therefore, my highest probability of success will be to go with the law of averages -> fairly standard cookies, although the recs for cheesecake and rugulach seemed interesting to me. There's nothing extraordinary about cheesecake of course, but I still think cookies are safer. Some people don't like cheesecake, but almost everyone likes a cookie (around these parts anyway).

                  I would like to go local. I'm leaning toward Isabella or Snookie. Which one is heavier??? At this point, the only distinguishing factor for me is which one will feel better after he's eaten them.


                  1. Don't know about Isabella, but Snookies are very very good. Also Snookies will also deliver cold milk with the cookies if you want, which may help lighten any potential cookie/sugar overload.

                    1. Platine Cookies are really delicious and nicely presented. They really taste like cookies that someone has baked, and not like piles of crisco.

                      1. Snookies are great. And you can get an array of muffins and brownies delivered too. Have used them for years. I've also used Delusious and everyone seems to like them too. Both great companies.

                        1. I've received snookies for my birthday a few years ago and I was grossed out by the amount of oil that saturated the paper it came in -- I found them overly greasy and heavy and would not order them.

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                            I agree that they are really rich, buttery (maybe oily, not sure), and heavy. I thought they were tasty, although not something to eat everyday. :)

                          2. My standard 'cookie' gift is....

                            * A bag of Cookies from Jin (I like the peanut butter sesame)
                            * A nice bag/box of tea (You can get from Jin or Surfas)
                            * A little bear of local Honey (Type depends on the type of tea, orange blossom for lighter teas, avocado for heavier)


                            1. I was so excited to order from Fat Witch last year, when I had the opportunity to send them to a good friend... We were so disappointed. They were dry and not really flavorful at all, and were best tasting after being refrigerated--not my idea of how a brownie should be consumed (at cold temps... blech).

                              1. Cookies are a great idea.

                                So are cupcakes. I think Sprinkles also delivers, and w/ milk too.

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                                  I'd much rather have cookies...
                                  Snookies actually look pretty good. I definitely will have to order some! I have tried Chunkomunko and they were delicious. I love cheesecakes! But I think they only deliver in LA county... too bad... Cookies do ship better - plus they usually come in cute tins.

                                2. i use mrs beasley's and have never had any problem with them.

                                  1. Prompted by this thread (I was going to send something, but didn't know what), I sent as a business thank-you gift a Snookies cookies-and-milk combo. It was very well received.

                                    1. I'd send scotch, for what it's worth.

                                      1. Thanks for all the input to everyone. I'm glad my post might've inspired others to give cookies as a mark of gratitude. I'm not sure who recommended it, but I did finally decide to go with Platine Cookies in Venice, so thank you. I'll post back here if and when I receive any feedback on how they went over with my professors.

                                        I'm sure any of the choices would've been well-received, but I went with Platine for a few esoteric reasons in case anybody's interested.

                                        a) I really liked their website. This may seem inconsequential on the surface, but I figured that if they put that much care and detail into their website to make it clean, subtle, functional, and appealing, then they would put at least as much care (and probably more) into the actual execution of baking, wrapping, and delivering their cookies.

                                        b) I interacted several times over email with the cookie Chef Jamie Cantor herself, and she seemed pleasant, attentive, and genuinely concerned about my obtaining a quality product and service. She seemed "on top of it", so to speak.

                                          1. Ok, so my professors got their cookies. One of them shared with me, and I hate to say it, but I'm disappointed in the cookies from Platine despite how much I really, really wanted to love them. They were good, don't get me wrong, but nothing that would make anyone do a double take IMHO. Inspite of the fact that I'm certain my professors would enjoy them, at $35 a tin, I wanted something that would make them (and me) lament not having a glass of milk handy, or make us want to savor every last nibble and crumb, or make them want to start class a little bit late just so we could finish sharing the cookies. Alas, it wasn't to be. I liked them, but by no means did I love them, nor would I order them again at that price. I just work 5 minutes from the Platine shop, and it hit me that I could just swing by and pick them up, so I did just that. I swung by their shop and hand-delivered them straight to my professors. Here are some observations.

                                            1) The cookies were really really small. This was the biggest disappointment. The best cookies were the triple chocolate one, but they were also the smallest. Some of the cookies were no bigger than about 1.5" in diameter, which I thought was totally laugable. I ordered regular, full-size cookies, and I don't think anyone would consider that a full-size cookie. I know oreos are about that big, but those are oreos d*!#mn it!!! In addition, for presentation purposes, it didn't look right because some of the cookies were twice as large as the chocolate ones. I know they're hand-made, but c'mon, I'm just talking approximations here....The cookies were packaged in a horizontally stacked manner, so it looked really odd to have cookies in a stack that were totally different sizes.

                                            2) I don't think the cookies would keep well at all. One of the cookies I ate right away. A couple of the other ones I saved for after class (which was about 2 hours later), and it had hardened quite a bit. I know cookies are best straight out of the oven, but that is quite a precipitous decline for an on-line cookie business model. There's no chance of eating them fresh out of the oven. She'll have to find a way for her cookies to keep better.

                                            One thing that I did like was the lemon zest in the snickerdoodle. It added a nice little zing to it, so that was a really neat twist on a standard cookie, but that was really the only thing of note.

                                            Overall, I wouldn't buy from Platine again at those prices. I'd maybe pay $20 for it but certainly not $35. I picked Platine over Isabella's and Snookie's. I'm not saying that Isabella's or Snookie's would've been better as I've never tasted them either, so I don't really have any regrests. I'm just saying, I'll keep looking and next time will probably go with either Isabella's or Snookie's in order to expand my search. The staff at Platine was really professional and nice, and the owner seems to want to please her customers, and I so wanted to write a beaming review for her, but I gotta tell it like it is.

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                                                How disappointing. I have never heard of the cookies that you chose. If there's a next time with cookies, for what it's worth, I prefer Delucsious Cookies over Snookies. I am surprised that you would send a gift of this nature without first tasting it or even seeing it. You can't taste or see a cookie on email. Every business owner will say they have the best product and want to please the customer. She's not going to direct you to a competitor. As for the website being impressive, those are made by paid webmasters/artists, not the cookie bakers. For a gift of this nature and importance, you can use Chowhounders as guides, but I would still recommend that you taste it before sending as a gift.

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                                                  For future reference, try Carols cookies (online). I am tough to impress, and these big cookies knocked my socks off. They were so delicious that I did a Seinfeld - I tossed them in the trash (in the tin) to keep from eating them all and then...yes, I did fish them out and finished them off. (blushing)