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Apr 2, 2007 09:01 PM

Vancouver - Uni?

Does anyone know where you can buy "uni"....fresh, out of the shell...traditionally packaged in the wood trays? I have been to just about all of the seafood stores in Greater Vancouver and either they do not have it or it's well past it's prime. I'm looking for either a sushi supply outlet or a processing facility that would sell "out the door"....

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  1. Have you tried

    Note different locations I'm referring to the Cark/Venables store-tried to add a pic but no go-this format is a POS.

    I have seen it there but since I find Uni altogether too rich have never bought it.

    I may be in that 'hood tomorrow for lunch if so I'll ask about it.

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    1. re: Sam Salmon

      I'm familiar with Fujia back from the days of the "old" location. Since you will be there please find out what the prices are for the whole tray. I still think that there must be a place that processes and will sell directly to punlic? What about sushi supply disributors?

      1. re: Pollo

        There is a Japanese fish market that sells very fresh fish. SAKANAYA SEAFOODS (604) 261-7717 8435 Granville St. Head south on Granville - it is on the right hand side just before the safeway

    2. Try Angel Seafood: Angel Seafood it's known as the place for "One-stop-shopping for many Japanese restaurants (including Tojo's)". It's basically a wholesale business but has a storefront open to the public, so don't think you're at the wrong place when you go there. If there's fresh uni to be bought, they'll have it here. 1345 Grant St., East Side, 604-254-2824

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        Thanky you....will check it out and report....