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Apr 2, 2007 09:00 PM

Spadina Garden closed?

I went by on the streetcar and there was brown paper lining the windows. It is hard for me to believe they closed. Last few times I was there it was as packed as ever although there was a nasty mildewy smell. Since I wasn't eating my food there, it didn't worry me for too long. What could have happened?

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  1. I have wondered the same thing, but I was also wondering if maybe they are just reno-ing?

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    1. re: mainja

      Sign says closed for renovations.

      All those restaurants along Dundas have a nasty mildewy smell.

    2. I talked with one of the owners today. He says that they will re-open in the middle of next week. The reno took a bit longer than forecast - a familiar tale.

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