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Apr 2, 2007 08:14 PM

Lunch near the CA Academy of Sciences

I'm taking my elderly mother to the Academy of Sciences on Wednesday. We will arrive via BART, which is about three blocks away.. I would like to take her to a nice lunch (not extraordinary expensive) near by.

She is not a big fan of fish, sushi, dim sum or Vietnamese and surrounding locals. Plus I'm not partial to Indian or middle Eastern food. Shrimp and any other cuisine is just fine.

I'd like to show her a nice time, but am not familiar with the restaurants in close vicinity to the California Academy of Sciences, currently on Howard Street near 5th Street.

Please help with suggestions! She may not be with us much longer and I'm trying to take her to some of the local treasures while she is still able to travel short distances.


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  1. LuLu is on 4th and folsom. Le Charm is on 5th between Folsom and Harrison, and is a very sweet french lunch place. Those might be your best bets for a "nicer" lunch. You're also quite close (especially if you're taking Bart) to the restaurants in the Westfield mall (the new bloomingdales mall).

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      Does anyone have a specific recommendation to order at Le Charn?

      1. re: Glenn J

        I've only been for dinner but I remember the steak and the escargot being tasty choices.