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Apr 2, 2007 07:43 PM

Edmonds, WA

My searches haven't led me to Edmonds-specific answers. If there are some out there, I am sorry! I had to spend a couple weeks up there last summer and loved the town but not so much the food, and I have to head back up for a few weeks. I loved the Thai place on Main St. a lot, but still couldn't do it every night. I do remember a place up the hill on Main St. that I also enjoyed. Any nearby takeout was a bust as was the mexican place by the hotel by the water (yuck)! The people and the town itself are great. Help me find food to match (or lead me to links that will help). Thanks :)

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  1. Olive's Gourmet on 5th Avenue is great for small plates: Try the Chef's Menu on Friday or Saturday nights. Another local favorite is Shell Creek: It recently changed hands and they're tweaking the menu. A rather fun place for a drink is the new Very Taki Tiki bar on Main St., just up from 5th. Have fun!

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      Has anyone heard about Pomegranate in Edmonds? I read somewhere it was on Firdale Ave. but havent heard anything about quality, menu, etc. Thanks!

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        Yes, 9711 Firdale Ave, Edmonds, 206-546-7999. European food. A friend had lamb stew, stuffed cabbage, vegetarian borscht and dumplings and said it was excellent. We're going tonight to find out ourselves.

    2. If you are into Indian Food, the Sahib Restaurant next to the ferry dock is excellent. They offer a very tasty lunch buffet as well.

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        Sahib is excellent and you can't beat the view!

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          I'm sorry, but I have to disagree about Sahib. It used to be okay, but our last 5 or so visits have been terrible. I didn't want to give up, so I went back last week just to see if anything changed. It hadn't. They've started having problems with staffing and often don't have enough people and the waits are long. Also, sometimes they'll give you a drink, and other times the owner says there's no one to make drinks. But last time I was there HE made the drinks! The pappadum was stale last week, the Chicken Tikka Masala was overcooked and hard, and the rice didn't taste freshly made either. Sorry, but my new standby is Masala at Northgate.

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            I agree with GourmetLight about Sahib. We used to go there all the time and it was wonderful. Then the owner decided to build a new restaurant in Kirkland and soon was devoting most of his time to it. He eventually sold the Edmonds Sahib, I believe, and the rest is downhill history.

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              Thanks for the update, GourmetLight and bbger. I haven't been there in about a year and wasn't aware of the change in ownership. On a related note, I have been to the Masala at Northgate and found their food oversalted. I may give it another try, however, based on your recommendation.

        2. Further inland is Hwy 99. Toward the county line there is a large Asian grocery, 99 Ranch. In that mall is T&T Seafood, a good Chinese restaurant. Hwy 99 also has a number of Mexican places, particularly at the taco-truck and taqueria end of the market. 196th into Lynnwood is mostly fast food and chains, but there are other Indian restaurants (and grocery) in the area.


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            Is that by the QFC or Albertson's, and bowling alley, I think, or farther in? Thank you so far to everyone :)

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              At 196 and 99 corner there is a mall with Albertsons and Trader Joes (a regular shopping stop). Just east of there is Taqueria Guaymas, one of many in the area by that name. It's a good choice for Mexican. Further east by I5 crossing is a Guaymas with more seating, while south, in Shoreline is one that has full sit-down service.

              The 99 Ranch mall is south on hwy 99, at 224th.

              Around 208 on hwy 99 is Las Fonditas, a taco-truck that has settled into a toco-bell place. And on the other side of the street (west side) is Cafe Neo, a Greek place that was recently remodelled.

              My latest find in Lynnwood is a Mexican/Cuban place, Don Chuy (19725 West 40th - just off 196). Seating is limited to a shelf and high stools along one wall. They appear to do mostly delivery (425) 778-CHUY. We have a couple of good Cuban meals there.

              In the same neighborhood as Don Chuy is an Asian all-you-can buffet - Small World. It describes itself as 'fusion style seafood buffet', Not topnotch sushi, but a good value for the money. (4309 198th)

              Speaking of seafood, there are several restaurants in the Edmonds marina area. Anthony's Beach Cafe is the least formal of these, and one that we have taken out-of-town guests to.


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                There is Chantrelle's- it has fresh flavors and seems always be popular. It is right downtown. I second the Anthony's Beach Cafe- it is a stand-by- the mango salad with shrimp is excellent and the fresh sheet is always great- the basic fish dishes are not the best though- the flavor is lacking- try the other interesting dishes on the menu. Also, they have a rotating list of seasonal fruit/vegetable/fish dishes and offer about a month dedicated to the new dishes and variety based on the seasonal promotion. A favorite is the rhubarb or cherry dishes. The cherry sour cream halibut is worth waiting every year for* Don't forget to stop by the cheesemonger shop for cheese tastings on Saturdays and wine tastings at Olive's on Thursdays

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                  Yes, Chanterelle's was reccomended by nearly everyone last year but seemed to be closed while I was in town; I look forward to trying it this time. Thank you for the tips on Anthony's. I figured it was some tourist-trap-cafe type and sort of made a point not to go (sorry- it sounds like I should have) I will surely patronize it this time. Thank you for the recs on the Indian place but I have a terrible confession...I'm not a fan of Indian food - gasp! (but how to develop a palate for said cuisine belongs on another thread). Also, to clarify, I will be pretty much limited to the area of Edmonds only with no car. I did explore the bus system a little, but oh the cab drivers were WEIRD!

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                    'Downtown' Lynnwood is easy to get to via bus, since it is the main bus terminal in the area. The seafood buffet the Mex/Cuban places are about 3 blocks away from the terminal. There is also a nice Japanese just north of 144 and 196.

                    If the bus stops by the Edmonds Park and Ride just off of 99 (about at 216), Cafe Neo and Fonditas are close by.


                    1. re: paulj

                      Seriously Paul, you are great! If your day job doesn't happen to be a travel agent, you should seruously consider it!! Thank you for such detailed advice!!

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                      If you are in Edmonds in the summer- the Farmer's Market in downtown is Saturday mornings- there is a excellent fresh crepe stand that always drawns me in(main entree crepes and fresh fruit crepes) and lots of fresh produce, breads, and variety to nibble on or create a meal with. The Red Twig Cafe also has a great create your own crepe offering and I love their goat cheese, spinach, smoked salmon crepe with a tomato sauce(outdoor seating availible with fun people watching!)- fresh and hits the spot. There is always the option of walking on the ferry to Kingston- there is a cute crepe/ ice cream shop there next to the dock and a few restaurants right by the ferry- one had a tasty looking menu when I peaked in the door- northwest and italian flavored food I believe. It is always fun to get a dish, fish&chips, sandwich, wine, fin drink, etc. to go and travel to Kingston and walk down the steps next to the ferry holding lanes to the beach stretching far down the coast for a day of relaxing*

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                        I second the suggestion of the crepe place in Kingston. Just walk straight ahead from the ferry dock.

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                        I have to disagree on Anthony's Beach Cafe. My parents, who live in Edmonds, always end up taking visiting family there for dinner because it's convenient and has easy parking. But the food is very, very average. In the summer though, when you can sit outside by the water, I think the setting makes up for the mediocre food.

                        Chanterelles was a favorite of mine for years, but I think it's changed ownership since then. If it's still on the menu, the tomato bisque soup is to die for.