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Sparkling water in bulk?

Hi everyone,
Does anyone know a good place to buy San Pellegrino water a few cases at a time? Fresh Direct's prices have skyrocketed on such items and the Whole Foods near us is really obnoxious.

Any ideas? Thanks in advance for your help.


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    1. Have you tried the Whole Foods brand - 365 - Italian sparkling water? We've switched to that and are very happy with it - I think it's 89 cents a bottle.

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        We're drinking that, too, MMRuth! IT's just $5 for a 6 pack, and sometimes less on special!

      2. My friend used to get regular delivery from Mitchells.

        Another option is New Beer Distributor on Chrystie St. I recently discovered and am obsessed with it. They have a ton of non-alchoholic options, including water. Call for prices. They don't deliver.

          1. As my name will tell you, Pellegrino is a staple of mine. Go to BJ's - a case is about $12

            1. New York Beverage on the Upper East Side in the 90's delivers for a fee, I believe. A case of liter bottles retails at $23, I'm not sure how much you have to order for them to qualify for the wholesale discount.


              Edit: I DO know what you need to qualify for wholesale, a liquor license!

              1. There's a bulk beverage place in Spanish Harlem a block or two east of broadway right by the Fordham bridge. I don't remember the name, but they're huge and cheap.

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                  Is it PJ wines - or right next to PJ's?

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                      If it is PJ's, and it is on Broadway, Broadway doesn't pass through Spanish Harlem, and PJ's is in Inwood closer to the Bronx than Spanish Harlem. ...And if it's PJ's then they couldn't sell water, soda or other mixers because of some arcane NY law; only booze and no beer either.

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                        I asked my husband and he said there is a beverage place next to PJ's - can't remember the name though. And you are right of course about it being Inwood.

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                          Inwood, my bad. Sorry. But it's not on Broadway. No elevated train. It wass on 9th Avenue between 206th and 203rd. I still don't remember the name, but I Google-mapped the area. It's a teeny little street with too much traffic, a club on the corner, and a public school right at the entrance to the Harlem River Drive.

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                            And if definitely sold soda and beer. Lots of it. Tons of it. No straight liquor.

                      2. Not sure if you figured this one out or not yet, but the place some other people mentioned in Inwood is called Flair Beverage. It's at 3857 Ninth Avenue, and their number is 212.569.8713. They are fantastic! BUT be warned, they don't take cards, and they don't have bags. You can take the Deegan to University Hts Brdg/W Fordham Rd and it's just over the bridge on the Manhattan side. Their variety of waters, sodas, juices, and beers is incomparable and super cheap.